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The ideal woman for Ridhuan


Some men feel uncomfortable in the presence of women. Others, have great difficulty suppressing their sexual desires.

When will some men understand that the way a woman dresses, or the shape of her body, or how she behaves, should not be an invitation for men to rape them?

It is shocking that some men who claim to be educated, are plain stupid and ignorant. Will the religious authorities advise young boys and men, not to make sexual objects of women? Will they tell them to start respecting women?

Lecturer and wannabe Malay, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah revealed his inner self, in an article in his column. He blamed women for motivating men to commit rape. He said, “The logic is simple. Women’s bodies are alluring and arousing.”

The boy Ridhuan has grown up into an adult who feels insecure around women. He has the “blame-the-woman-it’s-got-to-be-her-fault” mentality. He wants women to be covered up from head to toe, but then cruelly said that despite their best efforts to cover their “aurat” and dress modestly, some were fated to be raped. No wonder he invites contempt from both men and women.

If Ridhuan could “reinvent” women’s bodies to be less alluring and unable to arouse men, what shape would they be?

As curves make Ridhuan hot under the collar, or using the Malay expression, “stim”, the following shapes are suggested.

 The cool slug

Ridhuan’s ideal women could be like slugs – cold and slimy, with no  “dangly bits” for men to grope. No chance of being aroused if one jumped into bed with a slug.




Princess toad

Nice big eyes but too many warts





 The flirty cockroach.

Creepy…Just let one run over your skin and you know the feeling. A cockroach which lands on you, makes you jump a mile. No chance of being allured by a woman whose touch is like a cockroach’s.



The sack of potatoes

Perhaps, Ridhuan’s ideal woman could be shaped like a sack of potatoes. Hard, lumpy, full of dirt and  heavy. Anyway, the photo shows a harem or the house of a polygamous husband.





 Manly body

Perhaps Ridhuan prefers a woman’s body to look more manly…err that would invite criticisms of another sort!






Flat chested

Should a woman not have breasts? How would babies be nursed? How would the pornographic industry survive if women had no breasts? What about the brassiere making trade? What would happen to the industry which makes life-size sex dolls, the ‘Living Dolls’? Malaysia’s chemical industry would be decimated.






Woman’s body to be like a man’s?

If men’s bodies were similar to women’s there would be no confusion and this would definitely stop men from thinking that women’s bodies were alluring and arousing.





Aiyah…….If all else fails, and Ridhuan cannot look at a woman’s body, without feeling “stim”, he could always put a paper bag over his head.


(Photo credit of woman’s body: African fi, of body builder to julosstock)

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