The IGP & hypocrisy. Could he tell us if stern action was taken against corrupt politicians, members of the police cartel & civil servants?

Read the full text here in Malaysiakini.

The Inspector-General of Police, Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, vowed to take stern action against any “stubborn” quarters that either organise or join in a protest.

He announced this after Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat (SSR) threatened to hold a second #Lawan street rally on 21 August if Mahiadding Yassin doesn’t resign by then.

If only Mr IGP was as determined to go after corrupt former and current prime ministers, corrupt former and current politicians/civil servants/cronies/family members of politicians, instead of targeting normal law-abiding citizens who want their voices heard criticising our authoritarian regime.

How about taking stern action against corrupt policemen and members of the police cartel?

Mr IGP should stop practising double standards.

So, was he forced to stay this, or else lose his job?

Does the IGP need a reminder?

  • The politicians who gathered in secret at a house in Jalan Bellamy and on other days, gathered at Mahiaddin’s house, air force meeting room, hotels or those at durian parties? What stern action was taken against them?
  • The politicians, ministers and celebrities who flouted the strict rules on the SOP to curb the spread of Coronavirus. and who ignored being quarantined when they returned from overseas trips. What stern action was taken against them?
  • The detainees and suspects, who died at the hands of the police, whilst they were on remand? What stern action was taken against the policemen?
  • The racist bigots and especially the racist and insensitive Mentri Besar of Kedah. What stern action was taken against them?
  • The Malays who insulted the people of other faiths, and who insulted their religions. What stern action was taken against the people who clearly incited violence?
  • The balik kampung crowd who was responsible for multiple clusters after Hari Raya. What stern action was taken against them?
  • The illegal gatherings in mosques, tabligh venues, suraus and other places. What stern action was taken against them?

How does the IGP expect the rakyat to respect him, when the PDRM practices double standards?

The police must treat everyone equally, and not have one rule for the rakyat, and another for the politicians.

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Donno about you guys, but yous may be asking too much of those supposed public servants in rather tight uniforms.

    I’ve always understood the “boys in blue” as the heavy arms of the the politicians, and the enforcers of the will of the powers that be. Think about it this way, a gomen as the Mafia, and the heavy hands as their hit men – or hit boys. Or even better, hit monkeys, the glorified mat armpits are the butts of jokes universally. Go to any country and you will always hear jokes about the stupidity, the nastiness – and corruption of the enforcement arm (also known affectionately as “pigs”) of the ruling power.

    I always see the hit monkeys in good light – when I am not jumping that), how many of you would tell those monkeys you’d like to be escorted to check in a pig pen to fill forms, be questioned, and to sit for hours and hours because you rejected the kindness of a discount on your fines?

    And can you not admire a whore bunch of the country’s “finest” (school dropouts) performing as outriders for our equally fcuking stupid gomen officials who want to grab their kiasu worth feeling important being escorted to the usual non-event they have to close all the traffic for, sirens blaring and all. Few countries have such gomen personalities (also called “VVIPs”, wtf !) who speed around town with a big escort like they actually have more important things to do – like fcuking cutting ribbons for some waste of time fcuked up events.

    Our pigs often display their partiality by openly crawling and grovelling to the power that be, they would often be seen in their public display pics next to the Mafia boss of the day. They would even tell you their purpose is to serve that master, they would say so in not too few dog whimpering arse-smooching poetic words.

    Our hit monkeys even got on world news for hitting one of our crap politicians giving him a black eye for being cheeky to his Don Macaivillain Kuttywallah. Not to forget the countless incidents of ladies ordered to strip, molested, sexually insulted.

    And not to forget the legions of custody deaths in the holdups.

    Well, until we all stop encouraging the taikos by feeding them bribes, turning both blind eyes to their criminal behaviour, playing the monkeys by seeing and hearing no evil, we are all going to get the police we deserve – the best that money can buy.

    The Hong Kong public pissed off with the Brit colonial police force, came down heavily on their taikos. They chased the corrupt angmohs all the way to Mother England to make the Brit gomen accountable for their police force. They forced reforms and they were able to get far.

    The brilliant show of discipline when the foreign-inspired and funded feral mobs went wild and went on their violent rampage, the police behaved in exemplary manner and inspired even the Yank police.

    The rest is history, the Chinese gomen took advantage of inability of the West to destabilise Hong Kong, the “colour and umbrella revolution” that inspired our Yank neocon stooge rentamob monkeys, not only failed abysmally, the Chinese gomen are leisurely rounding the savage Hong Kong black-clad thugs up – and giving them extra stiff punishment, hurray and all that!

    We have the last bunch of neocon stooge monkeys left in Southeast Asia, the mobs failed in Thailand, not got off the ground in Myanmar… Wonder what it would be like if, like in Thailand, our foreign-owned rentamob monkeys take on our monarchy…
    And maybe, like for Myanmar, we get stories (foreign disinfo) about their police cross over to “the people’s” side.

    If our rentamob foreign lackeys fail, there would no longer be any hole in the wall for the US to worm into, nay useful idiots left for the West to create chaos in Asia, Indonesia has said it won’t take side over any US-China dispute, and the usually Yank-loyal Singapore had LKY’s little noddy said same for the first time ever, he even dared advise the Yanks to lay off any idea of confronting China.

    I ain’t taking sides either, I quite like the idea of our neocon running dogs more than bark, come out and show their form in the streets, I ain’t paying for TV snacks for a show of no-show, Covid and our taikos in blue or not. I rather like the idea of our taikos breathe hard for their pay, work more than collecting discounted or inflated penalties, and fattening themselves and growing out of their tight uniforms.

    A test of fire avoiding being bitten by Tian Chua clones might be in good order.

    A new world order appearing, gomen collapsing – or Anwar exiled in Turkey after another black eye aren’t all bad ideas that would spoil my TV snacks and extra good scotch – you think my best is only Macallan’s, Jimmy?!

    When the smoke clears – or my smoked salmon are cleared, we may either see another trudge to Beijing to cancel more “debt traps”.

    Or the diarrhoea-splattered flag of Stupid PM’s gomen still fluttering, and Don Niamahaidin still squatting in the PMO loo, or, Allah forbids, his anointed replacement Donna Sabrina the half-awake longkang ditch witch bitch’s taken over, Hail Ketuanan Bolehland..!

  • joseph quek says:

    please let me know your ipoh bank account no. i wish to make a small donation to your services to our beloved nation! email me God bless you

  • Robert says:

    While I commend Mariam for her crusade in seeking justice and fairness to all, I am sad to say that all her words will go unnoticed or totally ignored by the elites.

    These people (the elites) know that they are well cocooned and protected and will not face any retribution.

    And everytime you read of pkedges by the police and also the MACC that they will act “without fear or favour”.

    Very garang statements but alas, meaningless….

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “I am sad to say that all her words will go unnoticed or totally ignored by the elites.”

      Bit defeatist, that…

      When the idea of the “crusade” may be to wake up and perhaps stir more than a few of us to encourage more to visit this site – then one day soon there would be lots of like-minded souls to fcuk the politicians upside down and out of power.

      Nobody can depend on our retard political monkeys to even want to visit this site, wtf is anyone expecting them to do? Come en masse, read earnestly, cry in shame, repent, and deliver their power on a stolen silver plate, Alhamdulilah?!

  • Thuraisingham Sahan says:

    1Acreport was made on the passaging of incomplete Annual Accounts in parliament
    2A police rport was made on the mismanagement of Bank Pusat kerjasama kerjasamacy Bank Negara Cotemptcand other details
    3A report was made on few hundred thousand govt servament scameed in loan Report sent to IGP

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