The lack of political will to solve the Mat Rempit menace

Are-we-clueless_785x442You are driving along the motorway and suddenly a number of kapcais surround you, some of the riders, performing dangerous stunts, speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Your children are crying because they are scared by the deafening noise of the machines. What do you do?

You are losing sleep because the Mat Rempits race on the road in front of your house, every other night. Calling the police is pointless, because they either do not come, or they will claim that the kapchais will only return after the police leave the area.

You are driving along a country road when a kapcai swerves in front of you. You are lucky you did not hit him this time.

You are aware that a friend who clipped a kapcai which got too close to his car, was attacked by the villagers.

So why are the police unable to resolve the Mat Rempit menace?

Mat Rempits are mostly Malay youths, whom some people claim drifted to the towns from the rural areas, where opportunities are lacking.

Mat Rempits do not have an education and cannot find any useful employment in the cities. Some dabble in drugs, many are involved in illegal racing and many get rich through betting and racing.

All Malays are given religious teaching from young, so how come the Mat Rempits appear to have a poor sense of values, are social misfits, appear not to have a sense of family belonging, lack motivation to do something useful and are ill disciplined?

It is alleged that schools in the FELDA settlements have a high drop out rate. Drug taking is rife and immoral activity is common. Many Mat Rempits come from very large families, or broken families, where there is a lack of a male role model.

Umno-Baru politicians are not tackling this social issue. They should identify the root causes and deal with  them, rather than give Mat Rempits stupid solutions, like more extensive religious indoctrination coupled with the wearing of the skull cap and Arab robes, or giving Mat Rempit flying lessons or building a race-track then charging them a hefty RM75 or RM 100 to race on it. WHy should they when they have the highways for free?

Prevention is better than cure….look at the root causes. There have been enough studies into the Mat Rempit menace, but our politicians and police do not have the political will or commitment to resolve them.

Then again, Umno-Baru find Mat Rempits useful to do their bit of thuggery for them, as in the red-shirt rally, harassing NGOs at their ceramahs, and attacking the Penang state assembly. All these are shameful acts on our democracy.

Malays = Mat Rempit menace. = Umno-Baru outsourced thugs

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