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The latest “No-Go area” for non-Muslims is the laundromat


There are some Muslims in Malaysia, who want to create another “no-go” area for non-Muslims. We have had separate supermarket trolleys for halal and non-halal products, we had the hotel which refused to store a non-Muslim’s breast milk in the fridge, we read about separate lifts for halal and non-halal food items, and now, we have Muslim and non-Muslim dhobis (laundry).

The latest Facebook photo which has been doing the rounds, shows a notice in front of a laundry shop, purportedly in Muar, Johore, in which the owners say that the services they offer, are only for Muslims.

This photo from Sin Chew online has been shared on social media.

The translation on the notice board says, “This laundry will only serve customers who are Muslim, based on the “purity factor”. Any inconvenience is deeply regretted.”

“Purity” factor has deeper implications

What is the business trying to suggest? 

What does it mean by Muslims and their “purity” factor?

Some Muslims have suggested that the clothes that non-Muslims wear will have touched dogs and other non-halal things. The next person to use the washing machine, after it has been used by the non-Muslim, may be a Muslim.

The Muslim will want to remain pure and clean, for his prayers and he will not want his clothes to be contaminated by the non-Muslims, “dirty” clothing. 

Isn’t this argument very pathetic? Isn’t the washing machine and the laundry process supposed to cleanse the items of clothing?

Muslims in the west are surrounded by people who handle dogs and other non-halal items, like pigs or pork products. Do they have laundromats which only have a Muslim clientele? Businesses which discriminate on racial or religious grounds, would be penalised. 

One social pundit said, “Do some people think that the excreta of a Muslim is more pure than that of a non-Muslim? Doesn’t matter which person it came from, sh** is still sh**.

After 60 years of Umno-Baru, Malays have become more backward

The Muslims who “lead” Malaysia have only succeeded in making Malays more stupid. They have allowed ordinary Malays and Muslims to become a laughing stock.

Muslims have been brainwashed into thinking that when they visit their non-Muslim friends homes, they cannot eat off their plates, or drink out of their glasses.

Even schools have fallen prey to PAS’ and Umno-Baru’s brand of Islam. Recently, one school separated cups and glasses for Muslim and non-Muslim students.

Blood and organs for transplant

If items of clothing can be subject to a purity factor, why not blood? Why is blood not separated into Muslim and non-Muslim blood? How about organs for donation? Will these be affected by the purity factor? If not, why not?

Soon, many things will be classified “only for Muslims”. When will they decide that the air we exhale, and inhale, must be segregated?

It is a shame that there is NO laundromat that can clean-up the corrupt MO1 and his Cabinet.


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