The Malaysian clown and 1MDB

Once upon a time, there was a country called Malaysia Boleh. Its leaders said, “If America can produce clowns, Malaysia also can!”

So they set to work.

Here is one of America’s most well-known clowns.

When the American clown met the Malaysian clown, how did they greet one another?

McDonald Najib Hello 02

The Malaysian clown’s reply…

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak waves as he arrives at Naypyitaw international airport to attend 24th ASEAN Summit

“Hello” said the Malaysian clown. (What else would he say?)

We love our clowns, but NOT as a Member of Parliament (MP) or Prime Minister (PM).

“1MDB” is not what you think it is.

The American clown may represent a fast food chain, but the Malaysian clown’s most famous product is “1MDB.”

1MDB 02

No! No! No!

“1MDB” is not “One-Mat-Dolah-Burger”

“1MBD” is the investment arm of the Malaysian government and it has upset many people.

Are you loving it?

Occasionally, we enjoy a juicy burger, additives and all.

Najib Big Mac 02

Fast food is OK, once in a while. The American clown said, “They’re loving it”.

In Malaysia, no one was loving the silence about “1MDB”.

In early March, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ reported  that the RM2.6 billion had now grown to an eye-watering RM4 billion.

What could the Malaysians conclude, but… “He’s loving it.”

I'm lovin' money 02

“1MDB” has all the ingredients of a hit movie

An enterprising Malaysian knew he had the perfect ingredients for a hit movie; Scandal. Money. Sachs.

His name was Stephen Ching. Coincidentally, his mother’s favourite author is Stephen King.

Whilst Hollywood producers were rushing to produce a film about the “1MDB” scandal, sourcing a screenwriter and assembling a film crew, our Stephen Ching beat them to it.

It was reported that cinemas in Putrajaya, and in major cities in Malaysia, were seeing record queues snaking around the block with Malaysians eager to see this horror movie.

Najib Shit 05 Bigger







Disclaimer: This is a parody. If you cannot take a joke, go watch some P. Ramlee movies to lighten-up.






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