The many Malays we read about in the papers are the ones who lie, steal, cheat, are sexually depraved or are con-artists.

Last week a cybertrooper, reported that I had insulted the Malays, with my posting about the fake dentist, and I was told to remove the post, from Facebook.

This week, I repost my thoughts about the lying, thieving, con-artists who bring shame to the Malays. They learn from their leader, MO1.

When will cybertroopers understand that I will not be silenced?

Today, I do not just post the piece on my Rebuilding Malaysia website but another version has also been published on Malaysiakini’s website. You can read it there.

My main and most immediate concern, is not that the dumb NGOs paid Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli’s fine. They are fools! How will criminals learn if they are helped by NGOs, whose job it is to help the consumer, not the cheating con-woman? Moreover, she can pay her own fine of RM70,000 as it was alleged that she earned RM6,000 per day from her fake dental work.

My main priority would be my health.

Your main priority if you had been her patient

If I had been Nur’s patient, my most immediate concern is to get myself to the nearest reputable hospital to have a thorough health check and see that I have not been infected by HIV, hepatitis B  or hepatitis C.

If the con-woman did not wear a  surgical mask at the time, she treated me, I would also check to see if I had not become infected by Tuberculosis.

If she had the diseases mentioned, she could have infected you if she had a cut on her skin.

Or she could have picked up the infection and germs from her other patients, and could have infected you with poorly sterilised dental tools, like the prod and picks. A person who does not care if she was breaking the law, would not bother if her instruments were properly sterilised, or not.

So, if some of you think she was providing a good service because she was cheaper than the registered and qualified dentists, how would you feel about contracting a communicable disease for which you have a lifetime of a cocktail of drugs to extend your life. 

That should wipe the smile off your face.



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  • Lee says:

    The political Ketuanan concept have incorrectly led the Malays to a false sense of “Malay Bolih”. Any wrongs or serious disasters are easily absorbed and placated by the false beliefs that it is our Malay who are trying hard and should be not condemned to a thousand slashes.” Phew !! luckily it is our own race and we are not hurt by other races”. “Maaf dan maafkan” should be stretched just for our race so that we are head and above the rest”.
    Credibility and respect are earned and not handed on platters by enforcing might of majority. This is only “otak kosong” thinking and it would not take that long for them that to bring themselves down severely as the moral conduct of not knowing the value to earn one own’s keeps are misplaced compounded by the support of irresponsible politicians of their same kind. The courage to admit and define that a wrong is a wrong will only foster the dilligent urge to recompose and pave the path to correctness.
    Imagine if it is another bogus dentist from the nons, would the kind soul of the Malay NGOs hand out their takes to alleviate the concern by paying the fines or shall we see a reality check that the bogus dentist will be brought to justice by the nons themselves and sue to kingdom fall as a deterrent to future wannabees. I firmly believe so.!!!!!

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