The mother of all corruption scandals…1MDB, took 40 years to brew…

Scandals like 1MDB did not just happen overnight……in fact it has been brewing for 40 years…

Najib at London Bersih rally. Photo Credit Monsoons Book CLub

Najib would not go to Bersih, so we brought Najib along to attend…





Malaysia is a scandal weary nation. Please don’t forget the numerous scandals of the past, by the time the new scandal is exposed.

Our parents did not have the internet and social media and were ignorant about the corruption and excesses during Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s time. Moreover, anyone who complained or tried to expose any scandal, was immediately ISA’d and detained in Kamunting.   

Most of the members of Mahathir’s cabinet then, are those who said nothing and did nothing at the time he bulldozed most of his affirmative action policies. Today, we have great difficulty removing them. (Both the former ministers and policies.)

Mahathir’s former cabinet and deputy ministers, were people like Najib Abdul Razak, Muhyiddin Yassin, Zahid Hamidi, Anwar Ibrahim, Taib Mahmud, Nazri Aziz, Daim Zainuddin, Rafidah Aziz…many others I have not listed here.

Many of these Malays who served under Mahathir in the 80s and 90s, were Umno and Umno-Baru said and did nothing about corruption, about the injustice and about Malay extremism. 

You think Najib is bad…..where do you think he learnt all his tricks? 

I hope that you realise that Najib is a good student and Mahathir is a good teacher.

Im 2015, Najib shut down The Edge newspaper when he was in power to stop more scandals from being exposed. a few months ago. In the late 80s Mahathir shut down The Star for close to a year.

Najib is arresting people under the Sedition Act. Mahathir and his Operation Lalang charged and jailed over 100 writers, academics, playwrights, journalists, Opposition MPs under the ISA.

Go and read up about the numerous corruption scandals during Mahathir’s era. Go and find out about the billions of ringgits which were lost, mislaid, misused etc during his era.

The Malays supported Mahathir then. They did not care about conflict of interest. Many of them just closed one eye, because they could benefit. It was a team effort between the Cabinet, MPs and also the VVIPs. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Who do you think messed up the Malaysian Education? (Team effort by Dr M and the current PM-in-waiting)

Who do you think told Malaysians they had to breed like rats, so he could achieve 70 million population? The Family Planning unit started by the British, encouraged people to have quality children, and not quantity. Mahathir messed that family planning unit.

Who wanted to outshine PAS because it was getting too popular with the Malays? Who made Umno-Baru more Islamic? Who declared Malaysia to be an Islamic state? (Team effort again by Dr M and the current PM-in-waiting)

Who compromised the judiciary?

Who took away the independence of many of our revered institutions?

Who took away the power of the Unions so that today’s Malaysian worker enjoys little rights?

Who silenced the students with the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA)?

Who started the trend of transferring civil servants who will not toe the government line, with “transfer” without ample notice?

Go after Najib but remember that Mahathir started this mess.

Today, some of Mahathir’s disciples have assumed power… OR are desperate to be made PM.

(First published in The Ant Daily in 2015.)


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