The Perak government is more interested in making Muslim men sexually satisfied, than it is in true governance, or helping single mothers

When politicians have sex on the brain, all they think about it making is easier for other men to marry.

The FMT report said that the Perak government may amend Section 23 of the Islamic Family Enactment (Perak) 2004 to make polygamy easier for Muslim men.

According to the state executive councillor, Asmuni Awi, the shariah courts’ hands were tied if the first wife did not appear in court to state her case. He said, “Some wives agree to allow their husbands to be polygamous but do not like to appear in court. So the amendments will give the court the discretion whether to call the wife or not when arriving at a decision.”

Sort out corruption

The Perakians who voted in GE-14 wanted change. Real change. 

They wanted an end to corruption, cronyism, bigotry, extremism, injustice and abuse of power.

They did not vote for a new administration which will make it easier for already married Muslim men to marry again.

It is always the Muslim men who are treated like spoilt brats and pampered till all they ever do, is to waltz from one marital bed to another. Some don’t even have a decent job, or any job at all. They just marry a working woman, and live off her.

Modus operandi of a married Muslim man 

This is the modus operandi of some married Muslim man (with an eye for a second, third and fourth wife.)

First he woos her. He wines and dines her. Whispers sweet nothings in her ear. Gives her presents. Takes her out for meals. The ones with a bit more money, go on holiday – usually for a dirty weekend in Hadyai or Singapore or Medan. The foreign location is for protection so that they will not be caught by the khalwat squad. 

In between their romantic liasons, there are the phone calls. The husband will stiffen when the telephone rings. He rushes out of the room to take a call in the garage or outside in the garden. He claims it is the problem at the office which needs his immediate attention. Observant members of the family, may notice that his telephone voice is more melodious. His manner is different.

The family members may not know about the sexting and phone sex, which continues late into the night, or in the early hours of the morning. The secret codes which mean specific things only to them. They send intimate photos of one another, sent to sexcite the other. They act like teenagers on heat.

The husband will sport a new hairstyle, have a new wardrobe (remember Bung Mokhtar and his new look when he was secretly courting his then girlfriend Zizie Ezzet?)

He appears to be more energised and spends a lot of time out of the house. Work. Overtime. The car needs to go to the mechanic, again!

So, after the husband has worked on the mistress and she is love struck, the more impatient woman, may pop the question “Jom kahwin”. That is when he tells her that he does not love his wife but he is working towards asking for a divorce. “Be patient”, he tells his mistress.

The wife finds that he is away from home a lot so nags him. It is a vicious cycle. As the husband is fed up with the nagging and out of frustration tells his mistress, yeah, let’s get married.

Some first wives, will not give their consent and so, the husband and his mistress go to Thailand to get married.

The man cannot resist a “Two-in-one offer. Marriage-cum-honeymoon at a seedy beach location in Thailand. 

Perhaps, she paid for the marriage certificate (not recognised in Malaysia), the transport and the honeymoon.

All is fine for a few weeks.

She soon discovers that the man of her dreams, is just another slob. 

He performs his “husbandly duties”, but then gets more demanding with money. 

In time, the second wife discovers all the angst that the first wife was suffering. If only she had recognised the warning signs. He has purchased a new car, in her name, so she is responsible for the payments. For all she knows, the car is being used to court another woman. 

She then discovers she is pregnant. but he is not around a lot. Apparently, according to some friends, he is wooing wife number three.

When will the Perak MB get his priorities right?

The new Mentri Besar, Ahmad Faizal Azumu has got his priorities all wrong. What is he doing in Perak? He champions the white elephant, Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS). He tells us he is repairing the MB’s residence then changes his mind and says he may sell it. He claims that if he were to make Royal Belum a World Heritage Site, the state would not be able to gain any revenue from logging.

Does he know what the Perak people want, or is his policy mainly to satisfy Muslim men and the cronies, who are beating a path to his door?

The Perak mufti, Harussani Zakaria needs to be farmed out to pasture. Why is that so difficult to do? Moreover, he is well over the retirement age and instead of creating harmony and unity in the nation, he is divisive and frankly, some of his utterances make us a laughing stock. Camel sex. No love seats in cinemas. No yoga. No poco poco dancing. No football jerseys. No thinking.

Why is the MB NOT helping the single mothers? The syariah courts do not help them and do not enforce alimony or child maintenance. Men are rarely prosecuted for domestic violence. Remember the single mothers in Terengganu who had to sell their bodies, to feed themselves and their children.

Ahmad Faizal Azumu, is doing nothing to help single mothers. He is focusing his attention on making it simpler for Muslim men to conduct polygamous marriages

We have many issues with broken families. Missing fathers, and children (especially the boys), who have no male role model. 

When a man has a large harem, he neglects the children. 

When a leader focuses on the small issues, he neglects his electorate, the people who put him in power. 


Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Gary says:

    Harping on non-progressive and vague topics is a sure sign of incompetence and lack of intelligence – PH better listen up; the rakyat who fought for change are fed up of these rubbish politicians!!

  • Perakians says:

    Ahmad Faizal MUST GO……. incompetent, has no leadership traits & lots of fuzzy facts about his degree from Australia (he didn’t clarify & then hushed it), continuously backtrack on his comments & etc. Perakians did not vote him to be MB. Mediocre MB – it’s time for the vote of no confidence from the voters!!! Pakatan Harapan, pay attention if you don’t want to be a one time only ruling government in Perak….

    • Lee Lee says:

      Totally agreed!!!. This is a small minded MB who have no skill set and almost devoid of intelligence in governing the state. He has to go !!!!!!!!!!!! Perak is not seeing any dynamic changes since PH took over with him as MB. I am just wondering why is PH DAP so quiet and very forgiving on him not doing his job. Usually DAP is the one demanding lots of hard work and committment in the civil service. If seeing that the easy marriage law being passed will help him win over lots of Muslim votes, he sure is clueless and incompetent in the affairs of the state.

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