The PH Conundrum in Perak (… If I were Ahmad Faizal I would not be able to sleep)

Multatuli wonders why DAP, PKR and Amanah, do not dare stand up against Bersatu. The parties are so power hungry that they will do anything to stay in power – even accept the smallest party’s nominee as MB. He said, “In the first instance Bersatu has no business being the MB.”

Multatuli: DAP is the biggest party in the PH Coalition with 18 seats. Bersatu is the smallest with 2. Yet Bersatu calls the shots.

DAP is impotent; and this has caused MCA to throw back the slur of “political eunuch” at DAP. MCA is not wrong to do that. At least in MCA’s case they are a small fry with almost no seats compared to UMNO.

With PH having 30 seats (DAP 18, PKR 6, Amanah 4 and Bersatu 2) and BN with 25 seats and PAS 3 with one independent, the State of Perak is in a bind.

It only takes three frogs to jump for the government to change hands.

This situation has rendered DAP impotent.

But it need not be like that if DAP (and PKR and Amanah) dare stand up against Bersatu. But the party is so power hungry that it will do anything to stay in power – even accept the smallest party’s nominee as MB.

DAP will sacrifice the people of Perak to serve its own interests. To be fair the same can be said of PKR and Amanah.

Bersatu has no business being the MB

In the first instance Bersatu has no business being the MB. In almost all cases it’s the biggest party that nominates the MB. Even if the sultan will allegedly not accept a non-Malay as MB, DAP has Malay ADUNS who are better qualified than the Perak MB, Ahmad Faizal Azumu. And if the sultan will not accept this convention of the biggest party nominating the MB because DAP is a “parti Cina”; then DAP should have challenged that decision. But  we know DAP has a useless big stick.

But if not DAP, then the second biggest party PKR should nominate one of its ADUNS and failing that Amanah (which in fact has someone who was the former MB).

That none of the above has taken place shows that Bersatu has got all the other three partners by their short and curly.

“I am MB or else . . .” is enough to frighten its power hungry partners to give it what it wants.

Of course DAP will say that it is doing this for Perakians because the other lot is so terrible and has made a mess of running Perak. We can buy that, if Perak is now run better that when it was under UMNO; but it is not. If in fact Ahmad Faizal has proved to be a good MB then it would not have mattered even if he is from the smallest party.

How can the Perak MB sleep?

But Ahmad Faizal is a disaster.

Despite that, DAP and the other two are afraid to replace Ahmad Faizal as MB, with one of their own. What does that tell us?

They are certainly not clinging on to save Perakians from the other lot. They are clinging on because they want to enjoy the perks of office.

When I said that perhaps the others are giving Ahmad Faizal  enough rope to hang himself, I was joking. But looking at it again perhaps there may be something in it. Aziz Bari from DAP is an expert in Constitutional Law. Surely he could have advised Ahmad Faizal that his statement on “tanah adat’ is wrong. But he did not.

And surely they should have warned him that appointing a RM2 company to do reforestation is not the done thing.

Or told him that appointing yet another pen-pusher as Mayor when Ipohites are calling for one of the own will cause more unhappiness.

But they did not; they just let him have enough rope. If I were Ahmad Faizal I would not be able to sleep.

Reason PH is safe

What has probably saved PH is that UMNO is broke.

If their money had not been “tied up” they would have been able to incentivise the frogs to jump.

Whatever, I think it is a matter of time before PH is turfed out because of the way the state is run.

The longer Ahmad Faizal is MB the more Perakians suffer and the less likely they will vote PH. And by GE15, Perak would be in such a mess that UMNO/PAS will win hands down.

The PH Conundrum

The conundrum for PH is this:

Replace Ahmad Faizal as MB now and risk him hopping to the other side with his two members and the “independent”…

OR keep him and ruin Perak – finally getting kicked out big time in GE-15.

My guess is Ahmad Faizal will not hop. His boss Mahathir Mohamad will not allow him. In any case UMNO is broke so what has he to gain. They will surely not make him MB – they already know how inept he is.

Which brings me to this: Will DAP find its balls or has it been castrated as MCA suggests?

(The views expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rebuilding Malaysia.)
By Multatuli
Kampung Kencing Gajah

Three Malaysians – Malay, Chinese, Indian – in hot soup










NB: The computations on the PH Perak government and uncertainty of a two-seat margin are thrown into sharper focus with the recent development in Perak.



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  • Apung says:

    My analysis,

    TDM is playing dirty. He knows that DAP will not rock the boat. DAP if pull out of the coalition means TDM will gang up with PAS / BN and DAP will not be able to carry out anything. As it is DAP is desperately trying to save the coalition even up to the stage of loosing the clouts….
    PKR is as usual useless.. no principle at all.
    The real power lies in the Public but sadly the majority is still bent on Race and Religion.

  • isaloo says:

    PH leaders are learning
    Along the way the leaders get booed
    Every decision on major ones they make U-turn
    The voters feel they don’t have the balls

    PH leaders should have known
    The years fighting as the street fighters
    They should have stood on firm ground
    But they feel weak reeling on race and religion

    Maybe they like the feel of power in their hands
    Until they forget they are suppose to do for the people
    They have drowned in the sins of power
    They are still learning but it can’t be forever

    We have a young minister
    He talked big to deport Zakir Naik
    Then he turned around to dine with him
    He has painted his own weakness and credibility

    Perak MB
    He can’t handle his job
    State PH leaders let him do
    For the slim seat majority

    He should know his capability
    But power always fools the mind
    He thinks he can do his job
    But the pitfalls he should have seen

    But we shouldn’t blame DAP
    It was agreed before GE14
    The chairman of the state PH
    Will become MB

    Let us see
    When the 2 years hit the mile stone
    There must be changes
    PH leaders must walk for the change

    The Old Man still stands
    In his shadow casting over PH
    Letting him have his chances
    But he forgets to make the changes

    Though he put in some cosmetic ways
    We thought he could do it more
    But he made his major plunders
    U-turns and Zakir Naik

    There was a chance
    To redeem his credibility
    He blew it on his U-turns
    He blew it on Zakir Naik

    A non-citizen
    The Old Man got him red carpet
    All because of race and religion
    A foreigner wanted for his Amla charges

    The other coalition partners
    The leaders get spooked by the power
    Once it flows into their minds
    It holds them to dance to its tune

    The street fighters
    In the corridor of power
    They don’t feel the pulse
    It is still the same game

    They soak in
    Feel the weight of it
    So, the Old Man knows
    He went through before

    They better wake up now
    The honey-moon is gone
    Time to do serious work
    Fix the economy; forget about race and religion

  • Lee Lee says:

    In all honesty during UmnoBN reign even with all the charade of bangsa dan agama, the nons do still have what it takes to carry on doing their things without much of hinderances as long as there are indicator to co-operate. With PH in the federal there is nothing you see of real sincere actions to ensure that rakyat do see the reforms. Infact PH are playing to the UmnoPAS galleries and pandering to their fraudelnce onslaught of Bangsa dan Agama. Infact PH is going up one level further thinking that Malaysia is only the Malay race. DAP & PKR who are suppose to be of multicultural in approach are rendered useless. They are being held in ransom to their new found minsterial position and beholden to the old man who thinks he is the only one in Malaysia fit to make decisions for all.. people on the street. At ground level grievances have already reached their limit as there is non at all in any actions by PH administrations to seriously place the reforms. Strangeley there was no efforts to tighten the noose on religious bigotry especially from clergy men be it local or foreingners who are now dabbling into politics. Good examples is the “Bagdahdi wannabe” from Perlis with all his audacity and total freedom of speeches in supporting dead extremist leaders who are known for their cruelty and dictatorship to enhance their hold and religious beliefs on others. Follow suit was another camel ride shaggers who follow suit on skewed political expression rather than living up to the role as Muffis. Are they really educated in that field of expertise or they have learned terrorism.????. Strangely our IGP knows how to issue warning but have yet to show case his walk on the talks and rein in the wayward Mufttis as they are on offensive mode of creating chaos. How do you expect rakyat to look up at PH now where even the youngest Minkister are now jostling to be in the rung as hypocrite. He is just a total hopeless case !!!!!.. My prediction will be that if ever there is a snap election PH will be dead and forgotten. Street talks are that even UmnoBn with all the dirty scandals and GST many are still abled to go on with their lives without much hassel and with PH it is all the same as UmnoBN but with no solutions and lots of pretense and excuses worsen with the economy going bonkers. !!! So think who shall the rakyat choose now, not just because to spite but total disdain of PH in their incompetence and lying in every actions they act on.

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