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The PN administration has gone MAD. Putting the Arau MP in charge of the Women’s & Children’s Committee is like putting a fox in charge of the hen-house. Women ministers, speak out now! Rina Harun?

By now, you may have heard that the alleged child molester, the MP for Arau, Shahidan Kassim, who spent a considerable amount of time in his car, with blacked out windows, dead at night (11 pm) in a car park, discussing the 15-year-old girl’s musical talents, has been made part of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) for Women, Children and Social Development Issues.

How safe will our women and children be? What does Shahidan know or care, about women/children’s issues?

The integrity of this PSC is compromised.

Why is the Women, Children and Community Development Minister, Rina Harun aka Doraemon minister, silent on this appointment?

When will the women ministers in PN speak out?

I only hear loud protests from women Opposition MPs. Are the women ministers of PN and the women MPs of Umno-Baru, PAS and Bersatu so happy to be made part of the PN administration that their lips are sealed and their eyes are glued shut?

Most of the male MPs in PN, are fathers to daughters. Are they unconcerned? Do they NOT care? Perhaps, in their world, sexual molestation of underage girls only happens to other people, or people of a different social bracket.

If you need one good reason to kick PN and Muhyiddin Yassin out of office, this one should be it.

Shahidan is an alleged child molestor, who has the protection of the Muslim and Malay politicians and the high-ups in Malay society. It is also alleged that he controls a band of people who threaten people who are opposed to him and his views or tactics. He should be locked up. For at least twenty years and be whipped.

Many Malays go soft at the thought of one of their own kind, however evil he may be, to be punished. Where is your maruah? Where are your values? Where is your sense of right and wrong?

Where is JAKIM to investigate this man?

Where is the local religious authority to haul him up for questioning?

Who is in charge of religion in the state? Why is it muted?

If you have forgotten about Shahidan and the scandal with the underage girl, click this link .

But to recap.

Shahidan had been charged with allegedly committing a physical sexual assault on an underage girl. He then claimed the girl had to come to him, because he could NOT walk.

He was in his car and alone with the girl at 11.30 pm.Why could he not see her in the day? In a more public place? In front of other people?

When the public was outraged, and the police were finally forced to act, Shahidan, who has millions of rings at his disposal, bought a wheelchair and said he was ill. So police backed off for a while.

The public pressure grew, so the police came knocking on his door, and found out that he had run-off to Mecca,

This is the predictable part of the wayang (theatrics) which Malay/Muslim politicians pull on gullible members of the public.

Shahidan wanted to convey an image of the religious pious man. He wanted Malays/Muslims and equally gullible Malaysians to think of him as a family man, and that a religious man can’t possibly have done this evil deed.

When he returned, lo and behold, his court case was a sham.

The girl and her family refused to testify.

Questions should be asked about this.

This man, is alleged to be powerful, in Perlis.

What do powerful people do, when they are possibly faced with a jail sentence? THink THink THink!

So, Shahidan was let off.

Perhaps, the girl (and family) should be prosecuted for wasting police time.

Now, we have the problem of Shahidan being put in charge of the Women’s and Children’s committee.

Have you any confidence in this PSC?

Why reward Shahdian’s alleged sexual molestation?

Have you any confidence in any of PN’s women ministers?

So, how shall we deal with Shahidan?

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