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The PN government is a back-door goverment, with back-door politicians who arranged back-room deals and back-stabbed their colleagues, and the reason for not having a Deputy PM is obvious…

The screenshot above, from an article in an online newspaper is self-explanatory.

The first two paragraphs are below:-

“…The Selangor sultan has called on the people to stop referring to the Perikatan Nasional (PN)-led federal administration as a “backdoor government”.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the Selangor state legislative assembly’s third sitting of its 14th session, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said claims that the new government was formed through “the back door” or a power grab were inaccurate...

With all due respect…

The rakyat did not vote for PN. This back-door PN gomen has back-tracked on the promise made to the rakyat to return Malaysia to “normality” and democracy.

The rakyat matters. PN seized power by the back-door. This is not democracy.

Malaysians have been crippled by useless leaders. We have learnt from bitter experience, that it was principally Malay leaders, who stole from the rakyat and stabbed one another in the back. From the treasury, to Tabung Haji, to FELDA. There are allegations that mosque committees have stolen the money donated by the congregation.

The rakyat is not blind nor do we live in denial.

Muhyiddin Yassin and his team of retrogrades stole our votes. Why should we forgive him, and forget his treachery?

The PN government is a back-door government. It comprises a Malay party with a few token non-Malays.

The reason Muhyiddin left the deputy PM post empty is because he does not want a deputy PM to stab him in the back and seize power.

From March 2020, Malaysia is a Malay nation governed by Malays for the Malays.

Multicultural Malaysia will remain a thing of the past, until we force Malaysia to return to democracy.

Rebuilding Malaysia
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