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The real reason Muhyiddin failed to create the post of Deputy Prime Minister, and has FOUR senior ministers instead… Well, he’s just like a true Malay/Muslim…with his FOUR Wives. Bliss…

Careful of the knife…you forgot to remove it from the table

There is no deputy PM, because Muhyiddin Yassin wants four (4) senior ministers instead.

Why? The simple reason is that he fears being stabbed in the back by a treacherous, power hungry deputy.

After all, isn’t the history of deputies (in Umno-Baru), and him, still fresh in his mind?

In the past, most Malaysians PMs will fly with their extensive entourage to visit Kota London (KL). Their first overseas assignment.

NOT to meet the queen lah…The queen tak kisah about them.

Muhyiddin, like the other PMs, must celebrate their back-door takeover by taking the Mrs shopping kat Primark and mesti-lah Horrids, nak tunjuk-tunjuk the mak-datins back home, that they are femes.

They will organise a makan with the Malaysian students, arrive late and talk for 5 mins, but the most important thing is that the High Commission will give the students and Malaysian diaspora, a feast fit for a king…and the students and Malaysians working and living there will say….wahhh….such a good PM…he cares.

Most people call this bribery, but some call it “PM’s concern”.

Anyway, back to story of the missing position of deputy PM.

What the insecure PM does not want is to find that whilst he is overseas, the Deputy PM, has taken over his corner office in Putrajaya, and declared himself PM.

That is why Muhyiddin does NOT have a deputy prime minister. Don’t believe all the political analysts nonsense about being innovative and creative.

Why have four Ministerial places instead of the deputy?

First reason

Muhyiddin likes job creation.

To reward the many backstabbers in his big party. Ahhhh…if only he would create jobs in the economy but he is not that creative.

Now we pay extra four pensions, perks and police outriders …and don’t forget the allowance for the spouses.

Second reason.

Divide and Rule…a famous tactic learned from Umno-Baru.

People of differing interests as will be selected as his four assistants. Not too smart people mind you or else the chances of being back-stabbed are higher.

But these not-so-smart politicians soon find that ambition grows on them, like the spreading stain of sweaty armpits on nervous people.

They can feel the power they have over allocation of contracts and naturally, dictating the commission (theirs) on their terms.

If one of the four assistants tries to make a grab for the PM’s seat, Muhyiddin knows, that the other three assistants will prevent the power grab. He has studied the sharks, crocodiles and hyenas in Umno-Baru for 40 years.

So you see, there was nothing innovative, creative or inspiring about creating the four ministers to take the place of the ONE deputy PM post.

It was jungle survival. Like most Umno-Baru and PAS leaders, Muhyiddin is brilliant at divide & rule. The four will spy on one another. He does this, in order to protect his back.

Third reason.

He is very Malay/Muslim.

He may not be allowed four wives at home…(remember the rolling pin treatment some husbands get) so he has his four “wives” at work…to keep the backstabbers from the various parties happy.

So he must give each party equal treatment…will he…kah kah kah…?

In real life, only the bini-muda gets the goodies. Is Muhyiddin naive?

Be prepared for bitching, cat-fights, jealousy and temper-tantrums in PN

So, what’s your theory?

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