The real threat to Malaysian democracy is Hadi Awang. He is trying to destabilise Pakatan Harapan.


Najib Abdul Razak and Hadi Awang are now clutching at straws, to destabilise PH. Look at how Hadi uses race and religion to corrupt Malay minds.

Hadi, the PAS president is a despicable person. He is trying to instigate the Malays to reject Pakatan Harapan by claiming that Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat  had “problems” with DAP. Nik Aziz is not around to defend himself.

What problems? 

Hadi is taking a cheap shot at Pakatan by claiming that “DAP’s track record of attempting to exert control over their allies showed that they were the ones pulling PH chairman’s, Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s strings”.

Has Hadi gone bonkers? Is he saying that Dr Mahathir is a DAP stooge? No one, perhaps, only Dr Siti Hasmah can tell Dr Mahathir what to do. 

First. Najib got rid of Anwar Ibrahim, who was the glue for the component parties (PKR, PAS, DAP) in the Opposition Coalition, by jailing him.

Second. The tag team of Najib and Hadi then accused the DAP of disregarding Malay interests and of kicking Islam into the long grass. They accused the DAP of trying to take over Malaysia, to install a non-Malay and Christian PM. They frightened Malays with the claim that they would lose everything.

Third. When Dr Mahathir teamed up with the other opposition parties and PH was formed, Najib and Hadi could not accuse the Chinese and Christians of sabotaging PH.

Why not? Because Dr Mahathir is Malay and Muslim, and many Malays adore and respect him.

Fourth. Najib has probably been warned by Special Branch advisers, that after yesterday’s judgement to jail Rafizi Ramli, the rakyat is angry and he will lose in GE-14.

Najib and his sidekick Hadi know that if they lose GE-14, both become history and Najib will lose his physical freedom.

Hadi claims that DAP has made Dr Mahathir their puppet. 

Nik Aziz warned PAS members that Umno-Baru cannot be trusted

When he was alive, Nik Aziz warned party members  not to entertain ideas about teaming up with Umno-Baru to form a unity government. 

In  “The Star” newspaper report (2013) here, Nik Aziz said, ““If they (Umno) come, I will spit at them. They have misinterpreted Islam”

At a press conference in 2014, PAS operations committee director, Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah told reporters that Nik Aziz, would “spit on anyone who calls for a merger with Umno. And he said if anyone still want to, then wait for him to die first.”

The sly Hadi did just that. 

He waited until Nik Aziz died, not out of respect for him, but because he did not want to be thrown out of PAS not just by Nik Aziz, but also by the party and be treated as a pariah.

Nik Aziz accused Umno-Baru of “fast running out of friends, including the Chinese community”.

Nik Aziz also accused Umno-Baru for being a party of “great liars”.

He reminded others that PAS left the Barisan Nasional Coalition, in the 1970s. He also criticised Umno-Baru of treating the now disbanded Semangat 26 party, very badly.

Nik said that Umno was like a cat, “which will pounce, take and then hide with its booty”.

Hadi sounds more like an Umno-Baru politician

When Anwar was jailed, in 2015, Hadi wasted no time in making his political ambitions known.

Hadi denied it, but it was apparent, that both he and Najib had been secretly talking to one another. They plotted to form a unity government.  This was revealed by former PAS vice-president, Husam Musa in a ceramah in 2015.

After Nik Aziz’s death, Hadi Awang failed to represent the aspirations of Malaysians in the post Nik Aziz Kelantan and post Anwar Malaysia.

Hadi is a time-waster, an Umno-Baru stooge and is untrustworthy.

He is also a misogynist. He disrespects women. He fails to acknowledge the achievements of women in 21st Century Malaysia. He refused to endorse the nomination of a woman Mentri Besar for Selangor.

A simple solution to PAS’ problems

PAS members are abandoning the party. If the party members cannot get rid of Hadi, they should persuade him to join Umno-Baru. 
There is one problem. The more “switched-on” members of Umno-Baru will refuse Hadi’s membership, because he is a divisive character.
If Hadi were to join Umno-Baru, the remaining Malays may also abandon Umno-Baru, and the party will disintegrate much faster.
Both Umno-Baru and PAS are weak. The support from the Malays is waning. They do not have any more faith in Umno-Baru or PAS.
Najib realises that Hadi has a massive ego that needs to be massaged. 
Najib has probably promised him that if Hadi helps him win GE-14, that he will push through the hudud and syariah bills for him.
Hadi has probably forgotten, that there are some things that are worse than “Janji Melayu”…and that is a “Janji Umno-Baru” or worse still, a “Janji Najib.”
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