The Sound of Silence: Lawyer Shafee, Sodomy II & Najib’s unexplained RM9.5 million pay-out



The second ‘Sound of Silence’* is the failure of both the prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak and his hand-picked lawyer and close confidante, lawyer, Mohamad Shafee Abdullah, to issue a statement about the RM9.5 million which Najib had allegedly deposited into Shafee’s account.

On 31 May, Sarawak Report posted an article which alleged that Shafee had been “one of the biggest individual recipients of money from Najib’s 1MDB slush fund accounts”.

Some Malaysians are still in denial. The 1MDB money is money which has been stolen from the Malaysian taxpayer. In other words, duit rakyat. Your duit!

Najib’s relationship with Shafee

Najib took the unusual step of appointing a private lawyer to defend the government for its appeal against the acquittal of former Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, on sodomy charges.

The government’s own public prosecutors were rejected. Why?

Najib paid Shafee RM9.5 million

According to Sarawak Report, Shafee received two payments.

The first was on on 11 September 2013 for RM4,300,000

The second was on 17 February 2014 for RM5,200,000

The money was deposited into Shafee’s AmBank account no 2112022011906. Why? 

Why was the rakyat told that Shafee’s fee was RM1,000. So what was the RM9.5 million used for? Why did they lie to us?

Why is Najib’s Cabinet silent?

Why are the Umno-Baru senior leaders silent? Did they benefit too?

Despite his findings, the Attorney General exonerated Najib

SR wrote that “This account has been identified as having been funded by money stolen by the PM from the 1MDB subsidiary SRC, which had borrowed some RM4 billion from the civil service pension fund KWAP.”

Attorney General, Apandi Ali, inadvertently confirmed the deposits, by waving the MACC investigation papers of the money trail into Account no 2112022011906. This was during a press conference in January 2016, in which he announced that he would close  the investigations into 1MDB, as there had been no wrong-doing.


(Acc no 2112022011906 as highlighted in the MACC money trail held up by AG Apandi Ali)

Apandi accepted at face value, Najib’s claim, that he did not know where the money had come from!

Najib claimed that he had not realised how the millions of ringgits had been deposited into his account.

It is strange that Apandi simply accepted Najib’s explanation and irresponsible attitude towards money.

It is like the police being told by a thief, “The money just appeared” and so they let the thief go.

Najib’s monthly wage is a mere RM23,000. How much money has he stashed in his account, to ignore the vast sums deposited into it?

Despite his cavalier attitude towards money, he is also Finance Minister.

Najib does not care 

The PM, the self-styled First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) and their entourage, have taken the government jet on a Raya break at the luxurious St Regis resort in Bali. From there, they will travel to Perth.

Why is he allowed to do this? What is wrong with MAS?

He has already spent a few million of ringgits on an open house, to feed his sycophants and supporters, in another election gimmick. Any responsible Malaysian, would want this money for care of the elderly, improvement of medical facilities, and education. Their budgets were cut recently.

Najib uses duit rakyat to fund his luxury lifestyle. He now kicks you in the face, and holidays overseas, taking the government jet while you suffer an increased cost of living, increased bus fares, the GST. You are forced to tighten your belt, whilst he just “spends, spends, spends”.

Despite all this, some Malaysians adore him.

A reminder. Shafee and Najib are quiet about the RM9.5 million allegation. Their silence speaks volumes.


(*The first sound of silence, is the failure of the authorities to release both the post mortem results of 11-year-old Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi.

Why? Are the findings damaging to the school, the authorities, the Ministry of Education, or the hospital?) 

Credit photos: Sarawak Report, Malaysiakini

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