The ultimate Christmas present

The Power CoupleBoth men claim to lead parties which protect the Malays and defend Islam. As leaders, they have been almost impossible to unseat, despite many controversies. With four days to go until Christmas, the ultimate present for each Malaysian would be for PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to team-up with Najib Abdul Razak and join Umno Baru.

These men have much in common, and complement each other’s personalities. Najib’s Yin and Hadi’s Yang. Once Hadi is confirmed as the staunchest member of Umno Baru, his mixed messages and confusing statements will not bother us any more.

Najib and Hadi are the ultimate power couple, and here are eight reasons why Hadi’s membership of Umno Baru would be the best Christmas present for all Malaysians.

Getting rid of their common foe: Before he was sent to prison, former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was a thorn in both Najib’s and Hadi’s sides. Some people allege that the plot to oust Anwar was hatched with the collusion of Hadi. Now that Anwar is out of harm’s way, Hadi and Najib continue to play games with the Malaysian rakyat, denying they ever met to form a unity government.

The eternal enemy: Umno Baru has never shied away from claiming that DAP is a threat to Malaysia. The common consensus is that if DAP is allowed to rule Malaysia, then the rakyat must be prepared to lose Malay rights, Islam and the monarchy. For PAS, the rule is; your friend may not necessarily be my friend, but your enemy is definitely my enemy.

Both men want to be heroes: In the public spat with former PM Mahathir Mohamad over the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6 billion donation, there is no doubt that Najib has triumphed over Mahathir. When Hadi rejected the choice of Wan Azizah Wan Ibrahim as menteri besar of Selangor, he claimed that his decision was influenced by his desire to save the lives of Muslims from damnation in Hell.

Martyrdom: Hadi must play his cards right. Despite his friendly banter with Najib, he knows that to voluntarily leave PAS and join Umno Baru will invite public condemnation. On the other hand, if Hadi is ousted from PAS, his supporters will blame DAP for engineering Hadi’s departure, and Hadi will be seen as a martyr.

Similarly, if Mahathir’s efforts to remove Najib are successful, there will be no end of people wringing their hands in grief, their eyes red from crying, claiming that Najib, their saviour, was prematurely toppled. They adore Najib, who was instrumental in the creation of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) and other largesse, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Struggling to be relevant

Party performance: Both parties are struggling to be relevant in modern multi-racial Malaysia. Umno Baru keeps warning us of ‘the Christian threat’, in the hope that gullible Malays will gravitate towards it; whilst Hadi’s PAS focuses on the afterlife and instructs us to do the right thing on earth, even to the extent of excluding women from high positions in politics.

Tackling important issues: Hadi’s modus operandi, when faced with tricky meetings, or hostile receptions from his former opposition coalition members, is simply to be absent. His usual excuse is ill-health. He sends representatives to the meetings, only to veto decisions made on his behalf.

Najib’s preferred method is to maintain silence, or go overseas, to avoid unpleasant questions.

Mixed messages: One minute, the PAS leader says that PAS is cooperating with Umno Baru on many issues; the next, he will claim that PAS will remain an opposition party, and has no desire to pursue a unity government. He does not make sense. If Hadi joins Umno Baru, we will be spared from his indecision.

Failure to think of the rakyat: The PAS leader appears to be Najib’s greatest ally. Hadi supported Najib’s budget, was at a ceramah when the controversial Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota) Bill was debated in Parliament, and appears to incite fear in the rakyat with talk about terrorist activity.

With people like Hadi in the opposition, propping-up Najib, the prime minister should have nothing to fear, and there is no reason for his controversial National Security Council Bill to be stopped.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016.

Photo credit: Malaysiakini
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