There was an old woman and she lived in a shoe….she had so many children…

thinking_origIf you were a girl in Terengganu, would you agree with your Mentri Besar and have at least twelve (12) children, so that the MB can attain developed state status?

Please read full article in which the MB’s “brilliant” (!) idea will never “bear” fruit.

Aiyah………why send girls to school, if all the mentri besar of Terengganu wants is for the girls in Terengganu to make babies…and lots of them?

Why should Terengganu women be sent on overseas study scholarships, and waste taxpayers’ money if all the Terengganu MB wants them to do is to have at least 12 children each?

In fact, the MB should pass a law to prohibit girls from getting an education so that they can focus on making babies only?…..and wash nappies….

Just think of the nappies to wash…and the GST….will it make nappies cheaper or affordable?

Feeding time will be a nightmare. Bedtime for kids will be like managing a boarding school. Supervising one child to do his homework is hard enough. Supervising 12 of them, will make you mad…..just think of the cost of buying school uniforms, or shoes, or books?

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do….

Never mind……Let the state adopt them, so that the MB can have his developed state status…..

Wonders never cease…….sigh

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