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These three men need YOUR help. Please show your support today! THANK YOU.


Sevan, Thomas and Rama are concerned Malaysians, just like you and I.

They wondered why the investigation into the four missing people below is taking such a long time. 

Like us, they too have looked at the video of the abduction of Pastor Koh and seen that this is not done by ordinary kidnappers.

We too, can see that there is something suspicious and where it might possibly lead to.

They asked questions. The same ones you and I have asked and yet, today, they are being hauled up by the police and will themselves be questioned.


The harassment of these three men must stop.

Please show your solidarity with them

Thank You.


These are the missing people…Where are they? Who has abducted them? For what reasons? 

Someone knows but is not saying.

Someone has seen something, but will not or cannot tell us. Why?

Rebuilding Malaysia
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