This cop started a racial snowball. Would he like some truths about the Malays? Is he a snowflake…or will he be crushed by the snowball effect?


Terengganu state police chief, Aidi Ismail, is not afraid to say what most of us dare not say. He said there is no gangsterism in his state, because the majority of the population are Malay.

Aidi is not afraid of political correctness (or maybe he ignored it), but now that he has started the ball rolling, he should be bold and racially profile the crimes against the nation.

For instance, who has stolen the most money from the nation’s coffers? The 1MDB fiasco started in Terengganu, in 2008, as the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) and grew into one of the world’s worst cases of fraud and theft from the people.

Aidi Ismail, top cop Terengganu

Instead of criticising Aidi, we should ask what he meant by “gangster-related” activities? Then, ask him about Tiga Line.

Tiga Line was the first thing that came to my mind when Aidi claimed that there were “no records” of gangsterism in Terengganu. For those who mudah lupa (easily forget), Tiga Line is a Malay triad, which was formed as a splinter group of the “Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia” (Pekida).

DPM Zahid, best mate of Tiga Line, a Malay triad

Tiga Line is Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s good and loyal friend. He claimed that Tiga Line triad members were neither malicious, nor thuggish. He said Tiga Line were benevolent “festivities kendurikendara gangsters”.

In October 2015, several shooting sprees throughout Malaysia, prompted the Home Ministry to ban 49 secret societies including Tiga Line, in a crackdown on violent crimes. Despite the ban, Zahid endorsed Tiga Line. If gangsters have been sanitised, then their activities in Terengganu will not be considered “gangster-like”.

Most cops would include police statistics to back-up their assertions, and some background information to support their inferences.

What constitutes gangster-related activities?

So, what constitutes gangster-related activities? Are they money lending, game fixing, assault, armed robbery, human trafficking and drug dealing? What is the percentage of crimes in the state that are gangster-related activities?

Racial profiling gets more interesting when we cover the government ministries and GLCs.

If a list of top civil servants and senior ministerial aides are included in the list of those who have embezzled public funds, a quick check will reveal that they are mostly, if not all, Malay.

For example, the missing RM107 million from the Sports Ministry. The RM250 million from the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal.

Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin has not updated us on the embezzlement.

At every Hari Raya, most Malaysians are reminded that the beef we consume has been imported, at great cost, and not from local cattle breeders.

The former Minister for Women, whose family was embroiled in the National Feedlot Corporation NFC scandal, denies involvement

Ketuanan Melayu tops the racial profiling of issues from religion to radar operators, from orphans to overseas travel, from books to chocolates and dogs to submarines.

Who is the minister in charge of the welfare of orphans, who was alleged to have used public funds for a golfing holiday? He tried to legitimise his trip by sneaking in a bit of official work.


On the night MH370 disappeared, one can only guess the race of the radar operator and his sleeping supervisor, whose lack of foresight and action, shocked us all.

Two people earned several hundred million euros as commission from the sale of the Scorpene submarines. The murder of the Mongolian model was “collateral damage”, but the main actors were Malay.

The two men involved in the Altantuya and Scorpene scandal.

Some Malays wanted to sue Cadbury’s for tainting their blood with porcine DNA contaminated chocolates. Malays, in a religious state authority, hounded Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz (photo), the manager of a bookstore, for selling one of Irshad Manji’s book, “Allah, Liberty and Love”.

Dog petting event

Many Malays harassed pharmacist Syed Azmi Alhabshi for arranging a dog petting event. They also threatened BFM host, Aisyah Tajudin, for her satirical take on the Kelantan hudud law.

The preacher, the laundrette owner and the hotel operator who banned non-Malays from their premises and criticised them for being unclean are all Malay.

The people who removed crosses from churches, or building ventilation posts, are Malay. Some Malays objected to Christian East Malaysians saying “Allah”, in their prayers in Malay. The person who uses government jets for his spouse, claims to be Malay.

Need we mention the race of the leaders of the government-linked companies (GLCs), which are responsible for the Mara, Felda and Tabung Haji losses?

Aidi boasted that the lack of gangsterism-related crimes was because Malays “still respected older people in their villages, such as the village chief, the imam and bilal”.

Low respect for women

What about respect for women? “They” dragged Kartika Dewi Sukarno’s name through the mud, just because she had some beer. Last year, women riding kapchai (small motorbikes) were ordered off their bikes and told to wear sarongs instead of jeans.

If respect for women is low, it is highly likely that there is not much respect for children. Who do you think is responsible for most of the crimes such as rape, incest, baby-dumping, drug-related crimes and crimes committed by Mat Rempits?

Making your child marry her rapist is a crime. Infecting your wife and other women with a sexually transmitted disease, or with HIV/AIDs, through unprotected sex may not be considered a crime, but it is morally wrong.

What about abandoning your older wives and children when you marry a younger woman? There is little enforcement in syariah law.

Racially profiling the major crimes in Malaysia may be the cold shower we need.


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