“This is for Allah…” The hijacking of Islam.

There are five words which some of us dread hearing and they are not, “I don’t love you anymore”.

The five words which we do not want to hear, are “In the name of Allah”.

These words, or words to that effect are usually shouted by Islamic terrorists before they plunge a knife into you, start a shooting spree, detonate an explosive device, behead someone or drive a truck into innocent crowds.

Missing the collective condemnation from clerics 

World leaders, including our PM, have condemned the recent killings by Islamic terrorists; but did our Islamic clerics, as a COLLECTIVE, criticise these murders?

Why have Malaysian muftis and religious leaders kept quiet?

Do they approve of the killings?

The whole world is looking at the Muslim community and saying tut tut tut…Their preachers did not express outrage that Allah’s name had been used to kill indiscriminately.

Do our religious leaders think that their power over the brethren and rakyat will be diminished if they denounced these killings? More importantly, are they afraid of losing political power?

Did you hear any condemnation from Harussani, the camel loving Perak Mufti, or the Jekyll-and-Hyde Perlis mufit Dr Maza who cannot decide if he is a wahabi or a more moderate preacher, or the Pahang mufti, Abdul Rahman Osman, who outraged a nation when he urged the killing of kafir harbis.

It appears that they are only concerned about dictating how we live our lives. Nothing is done about weeding-out the extremists among us. 

Moderate Muslims look away to protect their reputations

Moderate Muslims will not speak out. They don’t want their neighbours to think they are insulting Islam.

Do the sanctimonious Muslims think that the killings are perfectly acceptable? Have they lost their values and their morality? Do they say nothing because it is mostly non-Muslim lives which are lost?

What is their reaction when Muslims kill other Muslims?”

Impotent with fear

We live in fear of bigots who rule how we dress, where we eat, what we eat, how we bring up our kids, what games we play, what hobbies we indulge in, and the music we listen to. 

Nip extremism in the bud. For starters, people like PAS leader, Nasaruddin Hassan Tantawi, ISMA president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman, and the Pahang mufti should be severely punished. 

Our leaders are impotent with fear. They are afraid to censure  Muslims with extremist views because they do not want to be seen insulting Islam. They don’t want to lose political power.

Political parties and the Home minister ban events of other religions. These intolerant views are part of being an extremist.

We must acknowledge the link between Islamic extremism and terrorist attacks.

If you are Muslim, seize back your religion from the extremists.

Remember that it is NOT religion which breeds terrorists. It is politics.



(Note: Please tell me if any Malaysian cleric denounced the terrorist atrocities, and I will update this article)



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  • Dato Dr Jacob George says:

    Instead of being apologetic, post an event, I agree that it would have preferred to see a few prominent Muslim clerics giving press conferences, condemning the slaughter committed in the name of their faith, here in London!

    There was none!

    Where is the Grand Mufti of Regent’s Park or for that matter, the “Ayatollah of Whitechapel?”

    Interestingly, things will change, now in Great Britain, thanks to public outrage, anger and cry and screams of ‘enough is enough’, with the police and security services given extensive emergency powers to round up known terror suspects, to expel foreign hate preachers from intolerant theocracies to set up shop in Britain, peddling their doctrine of hatred, violence, race and religious supremacy, divisions and sectarianism!

    To shut down extremist mosques, to disrupt and disable extremist websites, to face down self appointed “community leaders” and their useful idiots and to arrest anyone who returns from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Qatar, even grand financier, Saudi Arabia and imprisoning them for the duration!

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