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This is how the Azam scandal brewed…and brewed…and brewed…

To make it easy for everyone to understand how this Azam Baki, head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission scandal brewed and brewed till it could not be contained any longer, I have created this time line of the allegations against Azam , the man who is supposed to lead and protect the nation against corrupt individuals and institutions.

That is the irony of Malaysian governance. The man in charge of investigating corrupt acts, is himself implicated in dodgy dealings.

The timeline is done to the best of my knowledge from newsreports available on the net.

As far as I can make out, the scandal was first exposed before 26 October by a blog, and was then picked up by Lalitha Kunaratnam, an investigative journalist.

No…it was not me…it was my bludder…

Putrajaya’s modus operandi. Sit tight & pray the scandal will go away.

This much I have observed over the years studying how the authorities deal with serious allegations like this Azam scandal.

When serious allegations hit Putrajaya or the Ketuanan types, the trend is to do nothing and hope that the problem will go away.

Therefore, for two-and-a half- months, Azam did not publicly respond to the allegations.

First they sit on the allegations and hope it goes away. Of course it won’t!

That is why on the 6 January, Azam became Public Bully Number One and sued Lalitha.


Behind the scenes and climax

Whilst Azam may have acted like nothing was happening, what the public did not know, was that behind the scenes, the news website, INS, which published investigative journalist, Lalitha’s article about Azam, suffered a DDOS attack and was brought down for several days.

At the same time, the website which first exposed the allegations was hacked.

Then when things come to a head, and interest in the wrong doing snowballs, what do these people do….they SUE SUE SUE…..

That is why on 6 January, Azam demanded an apology from Lalitha and RM10 million in damages.

Hogwash and Podah!

(Please note that I will be making a video about this Azam scandal…just to make it easier to understand.)

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