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This was not a parliamentary sitting. It was a farce and an insult to the Malaysian rakyat. Why did no-one suggest a virtual parliamentary sitting? How much did this farce cost the taxpayer?

Everyone in power, claims to be doing the right thing for Malaysia, but in this parliamentary ding-dong, MPs were banging on tables, and disrespecting a solemn, serious occasion. The MPs acted like drunkards at a stag do in Prague. Shame on them!

This was not a meaningful parliamentary session. There were no debates. This was clearly a parliamentary farce.

  1. How much did this three hour session cost the Malaysian taxpayer? Has someone worked it out?

The MPs went, their aides too, the reporters were in tow, but only a select few reporters, who will religiously spin the illegal government’s line, were allowed in.

The police, the staff who deal with the traditional aspects of the session and other parliamentary workers were in attendance. The audio people, the technicians, the helpers, the drivers, the security guards, the army (?), the first-aiders, the canteen staff for the people who are not fasting (or is the canteen shut and out of bounds even for the non-Muslim people?), the parking attendants, the hangers-on, and others who have business there, like janitors.

The air-conditioning had to be switched on, and the cleaners would have to prepare the place for this parliamentary farce.

So, how much did this farce cost?

2. Everyone claims to be learned. So, why did no-one suggest a virtual parliamentary sitting?

Can someone work out the costs and make a comparison?

3. How much allowance did the MPs recieve, especially those from out-station? Who works these things out? The Speaker? Another Little Napoleon?

4. Politicians were told not to touch racial sensitivities. Oh dear! They have not stopped for at least five decades and they are not going to stop now.

5. Moreover, the racial composition of the backdoor gomen, and GLCs, is already an insult to multicultural Malaysia.

6. Don’t spark another crisis?

The fact that there was no debate and MPs were dragged out to hear a speech which justified the backdoor government, and then go home, is a crisis of mega proportions.

7. The rakyat was aware of this crisis weeks ago. They signed a petition to demand a two week parliamentary session instead of a farcical few hour session.

8. Continue battling corruption? Like racism, the politicians have not stopped stealing from the rakyat for many decades. If we had proper justice and not a wishy-washy judicial process, and the corrupt were really taught a lesson, the corruption problem may be reduced.

9. Muhyiddin Yassin’s RM250 billion stimulus package? We would like to know how he obtained it, how he will spend it and how he will repay it. That was one reason for the parliamentary debate.

10. It’s not just about protecting people during this Coronavirus pandemic, It is also about protecting Malaysia and the rakyat from corrupt politicians and their compadres.

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