Three Christians and One Muslim were abducted within four months. Why?

Four Malaysians disappeared over the course of four months. The first man went missing in November, 2016. The latest was in February, 2017. Three men and one woman, were abducted. Three Christians and one Malay.

No ransom note has been sent to their respective families.

No phone calls or demands have been made.  

In a highly regulated nation like Malaysia, where CCTVs stick out from every road junction and corner of every building, it is strange that the police have not found any trace of the missing Malaysians.

Contrast this with the assassination of the North Korean Kim Jong-Nam, the half-brother of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un. Within days, two women were traced back to their hotel rooms and other accomplices were also discovered to have left Malaysia.

Why have the police not been able to find any leads on the missing Malaysians?

Thomas Fann, founder of CAGED 

This Sunday, 16 July, Thomas Fann, a co-founder of the NGO called the “Citizen Action Group On Enforced Disappearance (Caged), will brief us on the disappearance.

Please come and support Thomas, hear what he has to say about the implication for other Malaysians, learn about this new dark phase in our history, find out why there is a rise in Muslim intolerance, the persecution of the Shia Muslims and the persecution of the Christian minorities.

Feel free to engage with Thomas and ask him questions.

We hope to see you at the Emmanuel Centre, this Sunday. 


Rebuilding Malaysia

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