Three videos. Like father, like son. In parliament, father makes sexist remarks, son riots

Three videos on a sexist MP and his son

Riot in parliament led by Tajuddin Abd Rahman son

First video.

At 4.07 minute, the Umno-Baru MP, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman,  refers to Teresa Kok, MP, for Siputeh, as “the only woman with a kok”.

This was in parliament.


The Deputy Speaker refused to censure the sexist MP. Tajuddin probably thought he was being macho and clever.

The Deputy Speaker’s irresponsibility, invited other MPs criticism.

Sexist MPs have repeatedly escaped censure, when making derogatory comments in parliament. 

When Tajuddin was labelled “sial” by another MP, he was hurt and hopping mad. 

Tajuddin should apologise, but he won’t. He is too arrogant.

Second video:

This second video refers to Tajuddin’s son, an Umno-Baru Youth leader.

In “defending” the dignity of his father, he led a riot in parliament. So clever-mah

Third video:

Police confirms that Tajuddin’s son is amongst the rioters to be charged.




You know the expressions, “Like father, like son” applies. Or the Malay, “Bapa borek, anak rintik.”

Papa makes sexist remarks in parliament. Son causes a riot in parliament.

Playing happy families, Umno-Baru style!

Video Credits: KiniTV, NST.

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