Time to debunk some Malaysian myths

Malaysians are in denial. We think we are doing a marvellous job, when around us things fall apart through corruption or mismanagement

How long will it take for us to realise how bad things are in Malaysia? What will we do when the bubble bursts? Will we wake up when we or our loved ones are caught in a terrible  situation, or will we just say, “It is God’s will”?

Perhaps, it is time we debunked some common Malaysian myths.

1. Myth one: You are safe if you don’t criticise the government

Anwar Ibrahim was convicted of sodomy, but it is the rakyat which is being buggered by Umno-Baru. If it can happen to someone like him, then it could easily happen to any of us.

If we stand in the way of someone powerful, we will be removed. We could be someone’s rival in business, a government tender, a job application, in politics, a land deal or for someone’s affections. The police and judiciary will not help us.

 2. Myth two: Malaysia is a democracy

No! Democracy died in Malaysia in May 1969.

Voting every five years does not mean we live in a democracy.

The citizens of other countries react to a government which cheats during an election, but Malaysians remain docile. We might as well be in North Korea and be ruled by the Kims.

3. Myth three: Malays are privileged and will refuse change

You are angry about the NEP. So are ordinary Malays. They cannot afford shares, or the expensive housing developments, even after discount. The NEP benefits the Umno-Baru elite, and not the ordinary Malay.

Most Malays want change. Many Bersih protestors are Malay. Malays contribute to the brain drain. Many overseas Malay students are reluctant to return home after their studies.

Malays who criticise Umno-Baru have doors slammed shut in their faces: No promotions. No contracts. No jobs. No scholarships.

The Malays are not privileged, only Umno-Baruputras are. Many ordinary Malays desire change.

4. Myth four: Non-Malays are second class citizens

Wrong! Non-Malays are fourth class citizens.

First class citizens are royalty or Umno-Baruputras.

Second class citizens are ordinary Malays.

Third class citizens are the pseudo-Malays. They are former illegal, Muslim Indonesian or Filipinos, who traded voting rights for citizenship.

 The fourth class citizens are the non-Malays.

 The fifth class citizens are the Orang Asli.

 The sixth class citizens are the Malay women. Malays are subject to two laws – civil and Syariah, but the Malay woman is burdened with male discrimination. Many Malay women claim that a poorly enforced Syariah law has failed to protect their rights, even after a court judgement.

 5. Myth five: The communists are the enemy

 The enemy comes from within, and it is called Umno-Baru.

 The 4Rs — race, religion, royalty and the rural people — keep Umno-Baru in power. Anyone who insults the Malays, royalty and Islam risks being charged with sedition.

 Few people have heard of the 4Cs. They are Chinese, Christian, Communist and being Controversial.

 The Malay extremists say: If you’re Chinese, you’re the enemy. If you’re Christian, you’re a threat. If you’re Chinese and a Christian, you’re a very big threat. If you’re Chinese, therefore you must be a communist, and so you must be a traitor.

 There is one exception. If you’re Malay, but you are considered controversial by Umno-Baru, then you are automatically labelled a communist by the IGP. He then inducts you to the Sedition Club of Malaysia.

 These five Umno-Baru myths have to be debunked. They have been used to control the population and keep them submissive.

 The truth has been hidden for so long by a corrupt government which is desperate to cling onto power. What Malaysians need is a fundamental change of government to remove the corruption and cronyism which is endemic in our society.

Umno-Baru must be replaced because they have taken away the dignity of Malaysians.

We must learn to speak out. Do NOT be afraid of questioning authority.


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  • Xavier Dominic says:

    How true! You have hit the nail on the head. The UMNO putrans find it so difficult to accept the changes that have happened. They find it difficult to see that Malaysia is made up of the three main ethnic races and others. They are the high class members of society. The rest are to be used as footstools for them. They have been given the mindset that they are “The chosen people “.
    The enforcement forces are unbelievably corrupted. ‘No money , no talk”. Give them a little incentive and you achieve wonders.

  • Henry says:

    Most Malays blame the Chinese for the failed state.

    • Teh CS says:

      That’s the results of BTN…. Started by Anwar Ibrahim when in Umno Malay Baru & followed up by Malay extremists in the Umno Malay government…..

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