Why are we so lenient with the felon Najib? He stole RM42 million & is FREE. The man who stole a can of sardines to feed his family is jailed for one year. The Malay elites are protected by a system which is full of hypocrisy & double standards.

The authorities are too lenient with the convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak.

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A week after his conviction, Najib made a seven-minute video to claim that the SRC International money had been used for Umno-Baru’s “welfare programmes” and “corporate  social responsibility” (CSR) initiatives for orphans, and none had been used for himself.

This is odd! Previously, he claimed that  I’m not so stupid as to put stolen money into a personal account,”

Well, as he is guilty, he would say that wouldn’t he? Prisons are full of people who claim to be innocent.

 I’m not so stupid as to put stolen money into a personal account,”

Why were none of these welfare programmes mentioned during the trial?

Why did none of the witnesses say anything about these welfare programmes?

Why did Najib not mention any help for orphans, during the trial?

Najib is not just a common thief, who stole the rakyat’s money, he is also a liar and a desperate one, who is still trying to convince his gullible supporters, that he is innocent of all the charges.

He is a convicted felon and he should be sitting in jail, whilst his appeal goes through the courts. Isn’t that how the legal system is supposed to work, given that we inherited the British legal system.

When contacted, one lawyer said, “The judge should not allow bail or stay of execution, after conviction. A stay of execution should only be granted by a higher court, if the higher court is willing to hear the appeal.”

On the day disgraced Najib was convicted of all seven charges, for abuse of power, money laundering and Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT), a succession of Umno-Baru leaders, expressed their sympathy for the convicted criminal.

Where was their sympathy for the rakyat, which was forced to endure the drama, the slew of charges, the insults, the provocations from Najib’s supporters, and the police arrests, for demanding that he was investigated and punished?

Where is the Umno-Baru leaders’ remorse for playing along with Najib, despite overwhelming evidence from overseas, supplied by governments and financial institutions, that Najib was being economical with the truth about 1MDB?

In most developed countries, anyone who is charged, has to stay in prison whilst awaiting trial. In third world Malaysia, people like Najib are allowed to roam around the countryside, spreading more fake news about his innocence, and telling ignorant, gullible and simple folk, that the reason he is able to address them in person, is because the authorities have no evidence against him. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What he omitted to tell his supporters was that experts in tracing the paper trail, accountants, lawyers and others, were busy gathering evidence in the background, to present a water-tight case against him.

People knew he was in a precarious position, when Najib became creative to  delay his trial and used many excuses, from eye infections, a dog biting his lawyer’s hand and his lawyer’s son’s wedding celebration, 

So, why are we lenient with Najib?

The punishment is both swift and severe, when ordinary members of the rakyat steal food, to feed their families, in these very extraordinary circumstances created by  the double whammy of the world economic downturn and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most people think that the law enforcers have been lax in their efforts to make make Najib respect the court. He was late on many occasions. He refused to sit in the dock. He wandered off to the toilets without telling anyone.

Why was he not in his orange jumpsuit and cuffed? Other politicians were subjected to this treatment, why not Najib? Why was he allowed to canvass in the by-elections and why did the Speaker interfere with the judiciary, by writing  a letter demanding that Najib should finish his court case early, so he could address parliament?

Now that Najib has been convicted, why can’t the authorities treat him as a convict, and stop being lenient with him?  It is alleged he has outriders when he is out in public. Can the authorities not realise that he is a felon and is no longer a prime minister?

The following high profile people had to sit in jail whilst their appeals went through the courts. The Australian Cardinal George Pell, the American actor, Bill Cosby, and the American film producer, Harvey Weinstein. Corrupt former Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, was sent to prison and despite claiming he was ill, was dragged to court on his hospital bed, to face  trial.

In China, they shoot corrupt politicians with a single bullet to the base of the skull and later bill the family.

Najib should thank his lucky stars that the Malaysian authorities are a sentimental and emotional lot.  Fortunately, the majority of the rakyat have more sense and are not taken in by Najib’s “wayang kulit” (shadowplay). Our patience is wearing thin and we have no goodwill for Najib.

Najib continues to cause more harm outside prison, by trying to create disharmony and public unrest with his wild claims that he has been unfairly treated.

Why are we so lenient? Where is our discipline? Najib should be sent to prison, whilst his appeal process goes through. There he will be able to reflect on his misdeeds.

Najib sitting in his mansion, protected by police guards, whilst he works on his appeal, sends the wrong message to the rakyat.

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  • glissantia says:

    Keep kissing the hands of our parasitic political and civil servants, and addressing them with fanciful titles.

  • isaloo says:

    He started a joke
    A liar in conviction
    Yet he never apologizes
    He still sings a different tune

    He wants to show
    He is a Robin Hood
    Rob the rich give to the poor
    But for him it goes to his bank accounts

    He wants to influence
    The kampong folks he is a hero
    The millions he received in his bank account
    It is meant for the party and poor folks

    He still sings his songs
    The bad tune he doesn’t listen
    He still thinks he is in an electric band
    Play his few key chords he can get his way

    He started a joke
    He isn’t sure he is a convict
    He thinks he is in the electric band
    Playing up his songs of lies

    He shouldn’t be out on bail
    He should be sent direct to prison
    Wear the orange suit and let him parade
    Maybe it will wake up him from his dream

    He started a joke
    Nobody wants to laugh
    The bad name and bad taste
    He still lives in his glass house

  • Steven says:

    This is the real Malaysia.

    Even Art Harun has been compromised! A pity really

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