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Umno-Baru’s Zahid wants Bung Moktar Radin as Sabah Chief Minister, to reward him for his loyalty. The rakyat wonders why a misogynist, sexist & racist hooligan, who swears in parliament and refuses to behave, is rewarded with the post of CM?

The Umno-Baru president, Zahid Hamidi hopes that Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) chief, Bung Moktar Radin will be made Chief Minister for Sabah.

(NB: The words in red in the poster are mine)

Zahid said, “…it is proven that this unpolished gem has given a positive ray not just for Lamag and Kinabatangan, but I feel the ray from this gem will shine all over Sabah…

“When 22 of 25 Umno division chiefs left the party, he and two more division chiefs still stood by the party.

“I value loyalty above all other factors.”

Both Zahid and Bung are facing a slew of corruption charges.

Sabahans deserve better MPs who are not under Putrajaya’s thumb.

Throughout his parliamentary career, Bung has courted controversy. If he is made CM, it will be seen that Bung is being rewarded for his loutish and thuggish behaviour.

Here are some of Bung’s more controversial episodes

  1. Swearing and the use of “F*** You” is part of Bung’s language and communication skill in parliament

MPs were furious that Bung swore in parliament, but he just got a mild rap on the knuckles from the Speaker. No suspension. No nothing. No wonder he repeats his wild thuggist behaviour in parliament.

2. Sexist remarks in parliament

In 2007, Bung and the MP for Jasin, Said Yusof made sexist remarks against the MP for Batu Gajah, Fong Po Kuan.

His sexist remarks: “… bulan-bulan pun bocor juga.” (laks every month too”)

This was during a heated discussion on the leaks found in the Dewan Rakyat after RM100 million had been spent on renovations.

Abdullah Badawi was the PM at the time. He really has no clue how to censure his wild thugs in parliament. As for the Speaker, least said the better.

3. Bung’s praise of Hitler

Bung tweeted “Long Live Hitler” after Germany’s 7–1 win over Brazil in the semi-final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.[12] 

The German ambassador called it “unacceptable”, but Bung refused to apologise and said it was done “for fun“.

Is he stupid or just ignorant about history?

4. Committed polygamy and did not seek the consent of his first wife or the syariah court

In 2009, reporters had wondered about the state of Bung’s marriage with rumours circulating about his relationship with local starlette, Zizie Ezette.

When he started to cut his hair diffrently, wear more sportier baju and had obviously gone for workouts, they asked him if the rumours about his marriage to Zizie were true. He denied them despite the fact that MPs had been issued invitation cards for the reception.

His marriage to Zizie, reportedly in August 2010, was also mired in controversy. There was a mock kadi (was it her brother?) and Bung had not obtained the consent of his first wife nor the Syariah court.

The moral of the story, parliamentarians can break the law, anytime, everytime and just escape with a tiny fine. Just a measly RM1,000 because Najib still needed him eligible for elections.

5. Discrimination against disabled people.

During the 12th Malaysian Parliament session, Bung and Ibrahim Ali asked Karpal Singh, who was wheelchair-bound after the accident to “stand up and show respect to the Dewan Speaker”.

MPs who mock others for their disability do not deserve our respect.

Karpal Singh had been in a wheelchair since 2005 after a car accident.

6. Racist remarks in parliament

At 1.48 min, watch how Bung denigrates the MP for Kapar, Manivannan Govin when he said, ““Ini orang, kalau tak menjadi wakil Raja, jadi perompak mungkin.” (“If this person wasn’t elected a representative, he would be a robber.”)

This happened in June 2014, during a debate for a new foundation called Yayasan Guru Tun Hussein Onn, which is to be formed a to train teachers and improve the standard of education in the country.

Bung must go back to school to retrain.

So, why should we reward an abusive, sexist, racist and thuggish MPs to become Sabah’s Chief Minister, especially one who together with his second wife, is awaiting trial for corruption?

Sabah and Malaysia deserve better.

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