Under what circumstances will you consider a non-Malay as PM?

There is NOTHING in the constitution to say that Malaysian Prime ministers must be Malay.

The ultra-nationalists demand PMs be Malay and some non-Malays, who have been conditioned  by fear, agree with them. 

All our PMs were pseudo-Malays with Thai, Turkish, Arab, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian blood coursing through their veins. You also know which pseudo-Malay PMs betrayed us.

Malay politicians want to lead the nation, but they keep talking about “I want to be a leader who will be known as someone who will defend the Malays and protect Islam.”

Look at how Mercedes-Islam has corrupted the politicians in Kelantan.

Look at the Malay PMs and chairmen of GLCs who stole from the rakyat and the GLCs?

Look at how they collude amongst themselves to get rich and simultaneously destroy the environment by raping our natural resources.

Look at how they mistreat the Orang Asli of Malaysia

Look at some former Attorney-Generals, IGPs and heads of Civil Servants who looked after their own interests and not the rakyat’s.

Unity through equity

How does one unite a nation, when one section of the community is treated like ‘Little Emperors’, and the rest is basically neglected? Even one Malay Opposition leader cannot bring himself to rise above race. 

On 13  January 2019, at a dinner with his supporters, Anwar urged the non-Malays to understand the concerns of the Malays/bumiputeras who feared that their rights and position would be threatened.

He should have highlighted the betrayal and exploitation of some Malays by other Malays and mention Tabung Haji, Felda, Mara, the silence of the previous Malay-majority cabinet about the scandal involving 1MDB, and embezzlement in the various ministries by senior civil servants. 

The enemy

For decades, PAS & Umno-Baru made the outrageous claim that the non-Malays, specifically the Chinese, wanted to destroy Malaysia, make it Christian and get rid of Islam and Muslims. 

Actually, the real enemy is within the Malay fold. We have yet to investigate the alleged corruption of the money donated to mosques, or tahfiz schools, which will open another Pandora’s Box.

Affirmative action policies make Malays weak, arrogant and dependent upon handouts. 

A lowering of the examination pass mark, for the Malays, is self-defeating. The Malays cannot thrive in an environment which stifles competition and creativity. In the law of the jungle, only the fittest and those who are willing to adapt will survive.

We must get rid of affirmative action policies and help all Malaysians, irrespective of skin colour or religion. Get rid of the bangsa and agama (race and religion) on our identity card.


Some “Malay” PMs double-crossed the rakyat with their corruption and abuse of power. MO1 brought Malaysia to its knees.

MO1’s corruption did not start during his tenure. The slide started earlier, but worsened with MO1 and his docile cabinet.

So, choose the best man or woman for our PM. He, or she, need NOT be Malay.

We need a Malaysian who will fight for the interests of all of Malaysia, and not just a section of the population.

I can already hear your excuses.

Remember that in the week before GE-14, most of you thought Umno-Baru could NOT be defeated; but they were.

So, what’s to stop another miracle from happening?

Every Malaysian deserves an equal chance.

(PS: I’ve made my shortlist, start yours!)

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • frankieraj says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Mariam Mokhtar. You are one of the Malays who has the country’s welfare at heart. But I know many others like you who have spoken up. Sadly for decades the ordinary, ignorant Malays have been brainwashed by scheming politicians to believe that the Malays would lose their rights and religion. As one writer put it the politicians created many ‘ghosts’ for the orang biasa to be scared of like orang Cina, Christianity, the cross and this haram and that haram. So for the Malay society to come out of this and accept a non Malay PM it is going to take a while.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “But I know many others like you who have spoken up.”

      Can you name them, please?

      So long as it’s not also Anwar the Tamil Yank neo-con stooge, who always reminds us not to question the rights of the “chosen” wans.

      Or Zaid who helped the M for zombie Memali Monster returned from the dead to wreak destruction to Malaysia. And whom the Memali Snake Pharaoh was too scared to give loose cannon a post to.

      Or the wan who reminded us M is for “Malaysia” and not the barely-living dead Memali Mo – or Muthukhriz, Monster Mo’s other Proton…

      Btw, I’ve not come across the chosen ketuanan wans bitch about Vincent Tan, Lim Goh Tong’s lot, Robbie Kuok’s lot, blah, what have these dung right?!

      Not that I’d vote them for anything even if they are token wans or nons…

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Under no circumstance.

    And none of the above…

    The “Chosen Wans” and the nons are the different fat cheeks of the same ars*hole.

    There’s nothing to behold, the fcuking useless nons and the fcuking useless “opposition”. The ultra short-lived reign of the “opposition” and the nons showed us they were good only at shafting each other’s butt’s (not just Assman Ali or Anwar) while they all got ars*phcuked by the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Mo, the now the Megeran Wantorun.

    Whichever side “wins”, the people lose.

    It is as much the problem with the cistern. Both side of the fat cheeks shore up the cistern. Just remember how the “opposition” clamoured to defend a member of the secretive unelected cabal of “elders” when that Manchester Mouth, the “minor royalty” said something naughty about the “tycoon”, meaning much-worshipped rich Uncle. You don’t otherwise find those fcuked up “opposition” or nons that much interested in you unless it’s election time or using you to attack the other fat cheek.

    And other than serving foreign interests and foreign massahs, the nons and “opposition” see no other meaning in life than being fcuking plantation niggahs, thank you.

    Our fake and fraudulent economic and political cistern have to be smashed, otherwise Malaysia continues to reek of our famous public toilets.

    But then Malaysians are immensely happy with their public loos, I may be one of those who dare not go out anywhere where there is not a hotel with a decent toilet nearby.

    Anyway, you know my answer, Malaysia is a sh*thole country, most of its monkeys love sh*thole toilets – and definitely sh*thole politicians.

    If you don’t like sh*thole fat cheek ketuanan types, you can have sh*thole fat cheek “opposition” or nons types.

    Either way, wan or the other would serve the sh*thole, Alhamdulilah!

  • Santana says:

    We need a paradigm shift in politics for non malay to be the PM. Non malays are not clamouring to become PM. They just expect a government which can formulate an equitable policies for all citizens. Is this too much to expect?

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “They just expect a government which can formulate an equitable policies for all citizens.”

      Not all that true.

      There are garbage dumps load of “Non Malays” who would die to keep the “Malays” in power.

      Sometimes the corruption, the money, the kantau deals, the datuk etc titles, the opportunity to kiss arses are just too wonderful.

      The “Non Malays” are never always a bunch of wonderful fragrant righteous delights out to save the country.

      So what kind of glue do you usually sniff, eh?!

  • The Savingman says:

    Only and until they stop giving excuses, stop lay blaming and move out of a state of denial will this nation rise.

    Enough of Bumi rights, theybwill sell their rights.

    Kudos Mariam, Only leader that will stand the test of time will have be “One that will fight corruption whole heartedly”

    People first above Race and Religion

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      ” Only leader that will stand the test of time will have be “One that will fight corruption whole heartedly”.”

      How does the second sentence follow the first?

      Like Malaysian drivers?

      The “the test of time” has no meaning. We’ve given a lot of time and all of our fcuking politicians have failed all the tests.

      In fact, our fcuking politicians have all failed the tests for their bog-standard Malaysian degrees, given bogus marks to make them pass – or even failed their bought bogus qualifications. The rest lie about their qualifications when they don’t even have bogus qualifications.

      And, if anyone “stand the test of time”, would it be the half-dead deadbeat examiners from our crap universities that forgot to examine for the obvious criteria “… fight corruption whole heartedly”.

      On is that an optional extra in Malaysia, honestly each and every monkey is so used to corruption, push a bribe ringgit here, there, jump queues, sneak in parking places..?

  • Yeo boon hai says:

    Just like America, nobody expected a black could be a President, maybe one day, The PM will come from a non malay.. nothing is impossible

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “nobody expected a black could be a President”

      Hardly the reality.

      The “black” establishment guy could be president because he was a good little house niggah, thank you!

      Comes a Malcolm X, he’d be very dead long before he reached Washington!

      Colin Powell was the niggah boy whitewash artist for the My Lai Massacre of the Vietnamese “gooks”. The establishment picked the good niggah boy to do the washing powder salesman for the illegal Iraq invasion.

      In Malaysia, the good niggah can be the running dogs, bag boys, even run gambling…

      In Malaysia, a good Uncle Tom’s the wan who tells you how he delighted at Jawi.

      And the beauty of Khat…

      No thanks, over here, a good “non” is invariably the “yellow” or “dark brown” or “black” or dead house niggah. In recent times, their deity is the Snake Pharaoh Dr M for Memali Mageran Monster.

      Prostrate now, and think Obama, not dream Django!

  • Albert Toh says:

    True indeed. This nation belong to all of us and we need the best man to lead irrespective of race or religion. Look at developing countries, they progress because they believed!!!

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “we need the best man to lead”

      In Malaysia, where men are rarely equipped with two testicles, It would be altogether wiser and safer to have a woman lead.

      We don’t really need “the best”, à one-eyed or even a blind woman would be adequate.

  • isaloo says:

    The next prime minister
    He better abolishes the draconian laws and OSA
    It serves no purpose in democracy
    Let the people speak their minds

    The next prime minister
    He should abolish the Sedition Act
    This piece of outdated law from Colonial days
    It has no right to block democracy

    The rights of the people must stand
    No such laws should be enacted to stifle growth of minds
    Any such laws in existence it must be amended or abolished
    The democratic principles must stand up as our lights

    The next prime minister
    He must be direct
    that party shouldn’t used religions to campaign
    Because religions have nothing to do with politics

    The next prime minister
    The death penalty must be abolished
    Taking a life isn’t a right of any one or court of law
    Let the guilty serve time for life to repent and learn

    The next prime minister
    National Unity is the corner stone to progress
    Let the races share and work together to build the nation
    Every sweat and tear for the nation to glow

    The next prime minister
    We must select the right candidate
    Don’t pick candidates under Peter’s principles
    It will be a mental pain for us to live with it

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Because religions have nothing to do with politics”

      What blazing bollocks are you waxing lyrically about?!

      Both Islam and Christianity are political.

      Go learn about them before you wnak pretentious “poetically” about your personal promised fantasy land, Abdul!

  • Felix says:

    I think this article should be translated to bm as well because there are still many rural speakers who may not understand this and I truly feel that they are the ones that need to read this. As far as the more urban readers I am sure they agree with this wholeheartedly. Me included.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “many rural speakers who may not understand this”

      “the more urban readers”

      I confess I don’t the fcuk know what “rural speakers” are, I doubt I will ever meet any “urban speaker” either. I have yet to know wtf a Malaysian parliamentary speaker speaks or even does, I just appreciate the funny pantomime costume.

      But don’t you think you are rather condescending on “rural” folks, Malaysian “urban” folks are great examples of fcuking ignorant, thick, ultra-slow, mentally-challenged, mentally-lazy primitive retards as the rest of the country.

      “Urban” monkeys just think they are “better” than “rural” folks, that’s all. But then for most Malaysian monkeys, “thinking” is not a particularly useful exercise – and can be dangerous and injurious to monkey heads.

      Auntie here does an article, we just get the monkeys wnaking away, precious few say something like they would get out of bed, pass the word around – or even rehash that so the “rural” wonders would s-l-o-w-l-y understand them, or maybe even bodily rush to the “rural” pastoral heartlands and give them lesser beings the good news.

      Btw, I travel around the “rural” outback a fair bit, I have yet to encounter those mysterious creatures without the faculty of the blessed “urban” blessed “enlightened” beings.

      To me, our “rural” wonders are every bit as “sophisticated”(?) as their townie/big city uncles and grandpa’s.

      Still, as a “national geographic” and “new scientist” type, I would like to know more about that “rural” species that need our amazing ability to hold their hands to walk in the dark.

  • S.Muthu Pillai says:

    Dear Mariam…A non-Malays will one day become the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the time is not far off..The Malay Elite are not the powers that be to decide..It actually is a higher entity!!…The Malays are doing a bad job at that and soon a non-Malay will take over for good…

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “The Malay Elite are not the powers that be to decide..It actually is a higher entity!!…”

      Sure, it may not be the will of some “god” or the other, but I would hope that would not be the elephant, the monkey, or a fcuking cow, either!

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