Understanding the Game of the Politico-Islamist-Theologian and his Army of Malay Islamist Archetype Soldiers.  

Wan Nor showed us how the manufactured hatred for islam developed. Here she discusses the psychotic games that are played by the politico-Islamist-theologians, in the quest to control the Malay mind.

People Hate Islam? Yes They Do! It’s Time To Have That Talk.

Part 2: Understanding the Game of the Politico-Islamist-Theologian and his Army of Malay Islamist Archetype Soldiers.  

In Part 1, we saw how the Malay Islamist Archetype has been entrapped by the politico-Islamist-theologian through indoctrination via chronic ignorance, fear and forced dependence to become the vehicle of hate. The result is the division, or rather, further division of the Malays into at least five distinct groups leading to inter-racial and also intra-racial disharmony amongst the Malaysian peoples.

We know that the only option is for us to uplift the Muslims from this trap of hate. The question is, how? And, who? And, whom do we uplift?

How? Firstly we need to understand how this entrapment happens. How does this minority of the Muslim population, who are seen to be elitist religious appointees, manage to impose such high levels of disorder and social disruption?

Secondly, we need to identify and propose workable solutions. We need to be clear that, no person with a developing or under-developed mentality will seek enlightenment through understanding. The indoctrinators are obviously feeding some psychological need of their victims. If we wish to put a stop to the indoctrination, we will need to cautiously and carefully analyse this psychological need. Once we have understood which basic need is being fed, it is imperative to ensure an alternative. This, we will touch on in Part 3.

Psychotic Games

I present, in the following paragraphs, 9 psychotic games played by the politico-Islamist-theologians, exploiting the Malay Islamist Archetype, to control the population and reach their goal of totalitarian power. Remember that for each game, they will manipulate chronic ignorance, fear and forced dependence on the ulama.


There is the ‘kafir-apostate’ game, or the ‘bin Abdullah’ game; it’s all about social territory. It is a game of who belongs and who does not. They want to discard certain groups of people from the power circle whilst keeping them prisoner of the castle, a castle that the Muslims of Malaysia have aptly named Hotel California, ‘You can check out, but you can never leave!’ This castle was once isolated, but now fire shoots out from its towers. All those outside of the castle, those who are non-residents of Hotel California will soon be collateral damage. If we do not stop them, the hatred will continue and our country will become the next Taliban state.


Playing out the role of Malay or Muslim warrior defending Malay or Muslim supremacy is a game that has hooked many Malays by the nose. We also see many Muslims from different parts of the Sunni world, being roped into this game to end up all-of-a-sudden imported and swiftly made-in-Malaysia into Malays.


Lacking the necessary skills for healthy constructive communication, discussion, or exchange of opinion, the extremists hide behind two words: ‘offended and ‘insulted’. They shut down opinions that do not support theirs, using man-made sharia laws and selectively enforcing these upon those they accuse of insulting Islam.


The Malaysian, in general, is strongly attracted to social stand or status. Being perceived as holier than others is an effective bait. It’s a game winner! Hence, we see the uncontrolled proliferation of celebrity ustazs and ustazahs; rock star-turned-preachers; more-Malay-than-Malay convert preachers; and barely-out-of-the-nappy ‘Imam Muda’ preachers (Young Imams).


The politico-Islamist-theologians will promote any hadith or rhetoric that can empower males within a patriarchal position. This weakens the family construct and also promotes various types of abuse against wives and daughters who are psychologically programmed to believe that the husband or father will carry their sins. They thus follow the husband or father blindly. In the mean-time, the husband or father is being psychologically programmed by his politico-Islamist-theologian leader. This vicious chain is difficult to break.


We have seen illegal Tahfiz Centres pop up around the country. These centres are not registered with the Ministry of Education and thus contribute largely to the number of children considered not attending the six years compulsory school until Primary Six. This is an offence by civil law. This means that these children are, to a certain extent, illiterate except for the capacity to recite (not equal to read and comprehend) the Quran. This ensures a vicious circle of propagated ignorance. The parents of children attending Tahfiz Centres often see their children as their ticket to heaven.


Is there a hadith that states that a hafazan (person who has memorised the Quran) can bring with him to heaven, 10 members of his family who are already, apparently without doubt, condemned to hell? Vol. 5, Book 42, Hadith 2905, Grade: Da’if (Darussalam).


Playing to anti-government sentiment is an old but effective method to ensure a large number of blind followers.


We know that a secular state will protect our right to worship and also protect us from the grasps of extremism, radicalism or any form of Talibanism. In line with the Federal Constitution, Malaysia is a secular state that practices moderation and liberal expression. The game of the politico-Islamist theologians is to deconstruct and destabilise robust elements that uphold our nation, by demonising certain words such as ‘liberal’, ‘secular’, ‘freedom’, etc.


So, “people hate Islam”? Do you want them to love Islam? Which version of Islam? The ulama’s version? The version of Islamisation that has nothing to do with islam? Then why propagate hate?

What is the outcome of all these destructive psychotic games? When Muslims start hating Islam, what happens? When non-Muslim Malaysians hate Islam, what happens? When the world hates Islam, what happens? Hate will breed hate. There is no doubt about that. From the “Ustaz kata” (Ustaz says) syndrome to the coercion of mobs, the language will be hate, the connection will be fear and the mind-set will be hypocrisy based on chronic ignorance.

The hatred will create a clan of people who have lost their sense of decency, and are no longer guided by common sense. Mobs will run loose, creating hell on earth, propagating the hate that was preached to them. People will hate them. People will hate the religion that they say they represent. In the end, the Muslims will move away from Islam, and the non-Muslims will be repulsed by Islam. This is the consequence and fault of those who propagate hate!

Does it really shock the extremists that people hate Islam? Are they really surprised that more and more Muslims leave their ‘faith’? Does it really alarm them that Muslims are becoming more and more disgusted with the ulama? Do they really think that they can forever get away with their fear mongering indoctrination, their extremism, their radicalisation and apparent incubation of terrorism through alleged association with persons said to be linked to terror?

Their time is up.


We need to defend and protect islam, and Malaysia against these psychotic hate games.

I would like to throw a Hard Question to the Muslims out there who realise this; the Muslims who see the games; the Muslims who can no longer turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy.

My Hard Question to you is: how much longer are you going to stand there and watch the rape of islam? How much longer will you remain indifferent and choose not to defend the message of God, to whom you have pledged conviction? How much longer will you stand guilty by association? Yes, bersubahat!

It’s time to realign our paths towards genuine spiritual development and enlightenment. It is time to review government leadership of religious matters, appointing knowledgeable persons who are not afraid to face our questions, and who will not shut down our opinions using man-made sharia law.

We need to uplift the muslims so that they become a productive, fertile component of Bangsa Malaysia.

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)


Wan Nor writes under the byline, “Hard Questions By Wan Nor”.

More about Wan Nor:

Wan Nor, PhD is a Malaysian scientist born and raised in Britain. She received part of her primary education and five years of secondary education in Malaysian Public Schools (SK Convent). She then pursued her tertiary education in Europe.

She has served in the Malaysian public, private and non-profit sectors in a number of university and ministerial functions. She brings to her written pieces, academic and intellectual depth; and, experience in state and national-level programmes.

Driven by her commitment to Malaysia, and held by a deep sense of integrity, she constantly seeks workable solutions for Malaysia at a time when the ordinary Malaysians are submerged under politico-economic events that seem to challenge their ability to just forge forwards in this climate of uncertainty and, at times, hopelessness.

For another of her hard-hitting articles, please see this link.


Look out for the concluding chapter of Wan Nor’s “People Hate Islam? Yes They Do! It’s Time To Have That Talk.” 

In Part 3 – What needs to be Done to Neutralise the Hate?



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