Video: Mahathir warns that Najib will go all out to establish himself as a permanent ruler of Malaysia

Former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad was interviewed by Beverly O’Conner, the presenter of The World on ABC News 24.

Gems from the video, Mahathir warns:-

Najib will strengthen his grip on Malaysia and will go all out to establish himself as a permanent ruler.

GE-14 is about getting rid of Najib.

When you know a man is a thief, you should steer clear of him.

Please view the video clip, which was posted by Pak Hussein Hamid of Melbourne.

On GE-14:

Najib will cheat to the maximum. If we lose, it will be due to his cheating. Fraud etc…

Justification for destroying Umno-Baru:

It is no longer the original party. It exists to enrich Najib

The party (Umno-Baru) is destroyed by Najib.

The important thing is not to focus on the animosities of the past, but to look forward, into the future.

On Najib:

It is very much about getting rid of Najib.

Most Malaysians think he is a monster. Enriching himself. Having a good life. Using money to buy support. Promoting corruption on a huge scale. Stealing government money by the billions of dollars.

He has changed the electoral boundaries, meddled with the electoral roll, bribed the young…

On Pakatan Harapan’s chances.

We are very strong and can win. Najib will cheat to the maximum.

On China:

I would like to see Malaysia remain neutral and friendly to everybody.

Najib has been borrowing money from China and he should learn from the experience of other nations, which find it impossible to repay for the projects etc…



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Bersatu’s registration 

His legacy



Democracy and rule of law

(Note: Thank you Pak Hussein for sharing the above video. The link is here.)

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