Violent lift assault shows that the Deputy Prime Minister is out of touch with the rakyat

Deputy Prime Minister, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s response to the violent attack on a 48-year-old woman who was robbed in a lift, shows that she is out of touch with reality. Take up self-defence techniques? Avoid the wee hours, as they are risky? Travel accompanied?

The attack took place as 6.45 am. This is not actually in the “wee hours” as Wan Azizah has suggested. Many working people are already up and about. Perhaps, it is different for parliamentarians.

A niece, who does not have the luxury of her own car, must take public transport, as she lives in a cheaper part of town must travel at dawn, to be in time for work at 8a.m. To make ends meet, she has a part time job at the weekend, and comes back late in the evenings, sometimes at 11p.m., also by public transport. It is doubtful that she will be lucky enough to find anyone to accompany her home.

Saudi Arabia’s chaperones for women

Perhaps, if the DPM proposed in parliament, that we become like Saudi Arabia, and insisted that women are accompanied by a male member of the family, more male family members, would volunteer to be a woman’s chaperone. 

Although Wan Azizah was correct to suggest that we are also responsible for our actions, her overall focus was somewhat misdirected.

Her priority should have been on public safety and security. If she had said that she would work towards better protection for women commuters, or get all concerned parties to increase security and engage the police and other relevant agencies to make Malaysia a snatch theft free society, we would have been reassured; but she did not!

Her emphasis should have been to demand that the management of the LRT stations improve security and monitor known hot spots. What is the point in using public transport to ease congestion on the roads, when one’s personal safety is threatened on the public transport system? What is the point of CCTVs which do not have a live feed to security staff?

Use her power as DPM

In her capacity as DPM, she should have the power to summon the head of the police and demand that he improves public safety and security. More police on the beat, more police patrols, in other words, an increased police presence.

She could have urged fellow MPs to back a proposal that the penalties for assault, and sentences and fines for theft are made more severe, to act as deterrents.

She could have said that in 21st Century Malaysia, where many women have to be joint breadwinners, she would strive to make it safe for women to go out and work.

Instead, Wan Azizah shifted the onus of responsibility, and heaped blame on the victim. Can she imagine the victim, picking up a newspaper and reading what the DPM, has said. Surely, as a woman, the DPM, should not resort to blaming the victim.

The New Straits Times reported that Wan Azizah said, “These are things you have to take into account… we have to be careful and take care of ourselves.

“Don’t travel alone as much as you can (especially) during the wee hours when there are not many people. There is always a risk.”

Wan Azizah added, “Self-defence may not be so easy but you need to learn a bit for yourselves.”

Canny Ong’s gruesome death

Aim for the red cross

Malaysians will remember the tragic case of Canny Ong, who was abducted, raped, stabbed and her body burnt, in 2003. She was kidnapped from the Bangsar Shopping Complex, which is an upmarket part of KL, in a car park fitted with CCTVs.

If only the staff and police had been more vigilant and pursued her kidnapper when he rammed the car park barriers, a life may have been saved.

As for the suggestion to learn self-defence, one does not need to pay good money and waste time learning this. The male’s most vulnerable parts are between his thighs, his throat and his eyes. Canny Ong was alleged to also be a black belt in taekwondo.

Of course, we must be vigilant but there is an urgent need to address public safety throughout Malaysia.

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  • Gayus Tambunan says:

    Reminds me of a certain DPM who told the rakyat to “Ubah gaya hidup”.

    We get one idiot after another

  • Lee Lee says:

    She is a reluctant DPM.!!!! when you are at that nothing ticks. Politic has never been her cup of tea and her forte is the role as the utmost obedient wife ( heck!!! she should join the OWC ) covering up all the wrongs of her love one and quietly carrying the burden on her shoulder. Yup!!! she makes good DPM for the sly old fox and to be used as per to his fancies in stiffling and check mate his adversary plot in making any move to be the next PM. Azizah do have her own strength if one were to analyse it thoroughly but that strength of resilence characteristic surfaced only selfishly for her own family well being ,especially for her husband only. Obviously if one were to compare her and pit against the iron lady Rafidah , Azizah will be blasted to smithereens by the loud blast of Rafidah verbal stinging lashes. Actually no body knows about Azizah agony but can sure tell from her attitude towards work and the disinterest comments and suggestions that she can’t hardly wait to throw away the DPM resposibility as it has no glamour and only a formal functionary role where she would gladly trade to be back into the kitchen hole and hold comforts of dishing out food for the family.

  • Steve says:

    How about reducing personnel from moral policing and beefing up manpower for auxillary police to keep citizens and tourists safer.

  • doubletree says:

    Too many years covering up for AI. Also learned to turn a blind eye to any dysfunctional behaviour. And also learned to accept immoral behaviour without making a fuss over it. After so many years of brain washing herself, she has become a zombie. Can’t think straight; don’t know right from wrong; missing the truth from rubbish; turn passivity into a lifestyle. No wonder DrM wants her to be his deputy. She just can’t think!

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