Visit Perak Year 2017: What you do NOT want tourists and visitors to see.

Once, a long time ago, Ipoh used to be the cleanest city in Malaysia.

What happened? Can we get a collective effort to return to being the cleanest city? So how? Can or not??????

Chenderiang to Tapah Road

Chenderiang to Tapah Road. Where jungle meets urban living filth

Chenderiang to Tapah Road. The rubbish is just pushed down the slope to accommodate more rubbish!

Chenderiang to Tapah Road


Jalan Chemor

Ipoh Garden East

How NOT to mend a pot hole in Ipoh…

Bercam. How not to invite friends and family to your home or business premises.

More of Bercam: Is it a rubbish dump or a pot hole ridden road?

Pretty flower pot or improvised bin?

Why are we waiting for so long?

Perhaps, divine intervention may help sort out our rubbish?

Laluna Bercam 12

Not so picturesque road of Jalan Bercam…..don’t look at what’s beneath your feet, just focus on the hazy blue hills of Ipoh……

NB: Have you more pics of where you live to share with us?

What is your local council doing about cleaning up your town, village or city?

Are you happy with their services? Drop me a line or two, or send me a photo, to have your say…..


THANK YOU to Ward 5 of TR and all the kind Ipohites who took the time and trouble to take these photos for Rebuilding Malaysia.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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