Voting in GE-14, some reminders and checks to see if your registration is OK

Parliament will be dissolved, to pave the way for GE-14. 

(Hint: Usually when MO1 goes to the Holy Land, you can bet your boots, he went there to:-

(i) go on the mini-pilgrimage (umrah), to ask for forgiveness and atone for his sins…(remember Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s frequents trip to Mecca allegedly indirectly connected to the family scandal involving NFC),

(ii) to seek an Arab prince’s donations perhaps because the election will cost him more money than previous elections)

Check your voting details

If you recently registered to vote, or even if you registered some time ago, but would like to check your details, like name, the constituency and locality for voting, just enter your Identity Card number on this link.

The link will take you straight to the Election Commission (EC) site.

NB: If you find that the details are incorrect, please contact the Election Commission (EC) immediately and tell them your grievance.

The telephone numbers are: 03 – 8892 7018 and 03 – 8892 7200

(If you encounter problems, please tell me, and I will try to resolve them or at least put in the right direction.)

You live overseas and wish to vote.

i) When GE-14 is announced, you can apply to your nearest Malaysian High Commission or Embassy, for a postal ballot, to enable you to vote at the High Commission or Embassy.

ii) Please contact the Consular section at the High Commission. All you have to do is to fill out Borang A and give additional details on a separate A4 paper.

Please do not accept “No” for an answer.

iii) Await further instructions on where and how to vote.

High Commission UK

i) NEW ADDRESS (as of 20 March 2017):

52 Bedford Row, Holborn, London WC1R 4LR


+44 796 661 4004 

Contact me:

If you encounter any problems, please tell me and I will try to resolve them.

If you want the details for other Malaysian missions, also tell me.

I will receive further updates from My Overseas Vote (MOV). Please check my website or I will put an alert on my Facebook wall.

Thank you.

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