Want to know why former and current senior civil servants are upset with Tommy Thomas’ book?

The thing that can easily rile many Malays, especially civil servants, is their egos. It’s HUGE.

They don’t take kindly to criticism. Some may claim that by extension, any criticism is also an attack on their race and religion.

When under attack, they lodge police reports.

My experience of the Malay worker is that if you tell him what you really think of his work performance, even in the nicest of terms, he takes it as a personal slight. Instead of learning from his mistakes and working on his shortcomings, he will act like a wounded beast.

He howls like his soul is tormented, his fangs are bared, and his claws are exposed, but in modern day Malaysia, the police report becomes the Malay man’s metaphorical fang and claw. He will then attempt to draw the metaphorical first blood, with a law suit.

This is the consequence of five decades of brainwashing by Umno and Umno-Baru. If an MRI scan were to be made of his brain, you’d have great difficulty locating it, because the central cortex is dominated by a pulsating throbbing volcanic orange blob  – his ego.

The bigger the Malay ego, the more he is insecure and the easier it is for others to manipulate him.

The following were upset by TT’s book.

The felon, Najib Abdul Razak, his brother, Nazir, former Solicitor-general, Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria, former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali, and current AG Idrus Harun.

They have aroused my curiosity. Thank you for the publicity. and recommendation.

Will now buy the book!

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • more info says:

    Keep functioning ,remarkable job!

  • Maznah Arshad says:

    Yes, i am reading it so far it has made me cry and laugh. For example I cried when he and his wife buried their eldest daughter Rebecca. Laughed when he said Tan Sri Halim Saad paid handsomely for his services whilst Tun Salleh Abbas got it pro Bono.

    He gave credit when it’s due saying that Judge Nazlan wrote a world’s class judgement. So he wasn’t totally critical of the civil servants.

    What is the big hue and cry, it’s just his journey jotting memories on paper for posterity. When I read about the constitutional crises I put down the book. It was hard for me personally to relieve that period.

    One thing I am grateful is that TT put to rest the mystery behind Adib’s death. For that I am sure the Rakyat thanked him. We finally have closure on this one.

  • K.S. Yeo says:

    Siapa makan chili rasa perdas.

  • Susheel says:

    Will definstely go for the book to know the truth. I bow and salute TT.

  • Samsudin Mohd Gani says:

    Thank you Mariam.. Malaysia needs more liberal Malays like you.. Excellent and very constructive comments.. Keep it up.. Tq again

  • Francis says:

    The Malays need a big brother (police and court authorities) to safe them. They cannot think rationally and accept positive criticism. Always on the defensive. They always want someone to sympathise with them. First they can give their reasons and make it known to the public their defence and secondly they are free to go to the courts to fight it out.

  • Aratha Ramasamy says:

    In bolehland, those in power can manipulate the legal system, to suit their needs and prosecute if they like. Even if any writer for that matter is right, he will face the wrath of those who will be slighted at any slight insinuation concerning their calibre or ability to perform. So even if a Man is right, the law is only for the might, who can twist and turn anything and everything in their interest. Tak payah Rasa pedas becoz the law is for u to do as u wish’

  • Christopher Abraham says:

    Well said Mariam. Yes I am
    Buying the book too:

  • Tan Kee Seng says:

    It was like “letting off a contained, accumulated steam bomb” to many Msians when Namewee exploded into our Msian scene with his version of Negaraku.
    Tommy Thomas did just the same thing with his newly realeased book.
    Salute both for being so bold to let off the “steam”.

  • Loga says:

    I i Ok I fully appreciate T.T.s bravery in publishing this book without fear or favour.We need more people like T.T. to come forward to tell the truth. and nothing but the truth what is going on in our beloved country Malaysia.Trueth is always difficult to digest .

  • Rosaline says:

    Lies are akin to dead bodies buried in shallow graves. Sooner or later, it will start to smell and than its time for all to know of its existence!
    This is the age of darkness and while all those who speak the truth are persecuted, the servants of the dark sides will reign. Nevertheless, the world resonates on positiveness. So its only a matter of time when the Light will appear n dispell all darkness in all forms – log, stock n barrel! And the
    Happy hours for those who dwell in darkness and its works is on the countdown now! Be prepared for it! Its impact will be devastating!!

  • William says:

    The authenticity is revealed, the crooks are furious.

  • Ravi Nadarajah says:

    A valid insight.

  • PS Teoh says:

    IT is a must read book

  • G Singh says:

    Obviously not all Malays are like that. Normally its not right to generalise. But these days honest hard working patriotic Malays are indeed a dying breed. Evident by the fact that only 2 Malay names appear in the comments column as I read among dozens. And only 1 of them supports what everyone else sees as reality.

  • Lee Shahriman says:

    We live in the world of lies, it’s nothing to do with race or religion, there is nothing wrong with the legal or legislature system. The so called professionals from the lawyers to accountants and doctors don’t tell the truths. When they become politicians they just can’t tell the truths. Let’s ask ourselves, who are those involved in money laundering, who advises the billionaires to evade tax, who arranges the transactions to the tax haven countries, who prescribes drugs and vaccines, who defends the criminals? Its not race or religion, its the education, it does not teach us integrity, conscience and the faculty of consciousness.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Excellent piece of psychogical and even psychiatric analysis of the tauhu in the heads of the Malay male.

    Sorry to spoil it and pour sh*t on the gigantic but fragile egos of the Malay male, they do very often behave like fcuking bitches when they perceived they are slighted in the least. I’ve heard from not too few reliable sources that at times a Malay male knocked down with a feather can run home and come back with a parang to exact revenge.

    That Namawee fella made a film with a funny title and you get our fcuking cavemen coming out to do their obligatory bitching! And I believe the oversensitive monkeys banned the film.

    Unless our self-proclaimed “supremacists” can attain a minimal enlightenment, and grow goolies, it is our, thank Allah, Malay women who are going to be the men of the family and the more clued up contributors to society.

    Many Malay outshine their pretty underperforming men who are like immature little mentally-stunted boys, hardly left sucking their doting mummies’ tits.

    Just too many Malay women are saying they prefer to marry others than Malays. I can’t blame our Malay women for their insight and choice, Malay males are very often rather shallow, lacklustre, boring, untrustworthy dimwit according to many Malay women.

    Of course I speak from experience and empirical studies, after all, I’ve had had just too many lovely relationships and affairs with Malay women. No need to say much but on the physical front (and back) they are rather interesting. On the intellectual front they are miles better than their male species. On the emotional side they are more and properly developed than the backward brothers, I prefer Malay women to most other females. But then if you’ve not gone out to meet Malay women, you won’t know.

    Btw, I hire Malay women as cooks and gardeners too, the macho “supremacist” male I can’t trust to tell à forest from the leaves. Malay women gardeners will always put their male species in the shade.

    That’s where they usually sleep while on the job.

  • Jefri says:

    I am currently in the middle of book. I admire TT guts to put on print what really transpired with so many previous govt wrong doing.

  • Hong Tan says:

    Being a Malaysian,living in London.I have a great interest in reading the book.If TT is charged we should set up.a GLOBAL crowd funding to assist him.

  • Vanitha Appukutty says:

    Whether it’s factual or fiction, the reaction gets the comman to actually wonder for fiction is what generally we relate to books.

  • Kevin says:

    He’s a learned professional and was appointed by the then PM who was given the mandate to govern the country with the blessings of the YDPA, the highest authority of the nation when the then PM recommended him to hold the AG position. Give me a good reason why would a person of such high recommendation to hold the highest position in the legal fraternity would want to risk and tarnish his own reputation and risk being thrown into jail for whatever legal misadventure. The only reason is to tell the truth of his own experience during his tenure as the AG to the general public to assess the current situation of the country’s judiciary system.

  • Anthonysamy Arokiam says:

    I salute you Mariam and TT it needs courage braveness to expose the truth. When a learned man speaks his mind he is aware of what he is doing. The truth will be defeated by the evil minds but it will not be by God fearing man.

  • Harvin says:

    Di akhirat nanti macam mana nak tunjuk ego

  • Nathan says:

    Well written as always.

    But the target audience should be the ones being described. The other side of the divide is well aware of this malady.

  • Francis says:

    Yes! Only now AG Idrus Harun knows the truth that one man’s memoir can be an insult to the country’s legal institution. Let us hope the legal profession will take note for the better. There are many more to come. What was the best qualities of Augustine Paul – irrelevant? Is it not? If everything is irrelevant why sit there?

  • Ashok Kumar says:

    If there are weaknesses in the System they should be rectified rather then swept under the Carpet until the Shit hits the Roof. That would be the Situation no matter how many Fact Finding Teams are set up with beautiful Recommendations to Rectify but without firm Action follow up .
    Just look at the numerous Observations made by the Auditor General Annual Report , the same weaknesses were detected but no Action taken as a stark naked Example. So who to blame when adverse Observations are made by those outside the System. Perhaps its made with good Intentions to Improve and Correct but sadly misunderstood .

  • Molly says:

    Yup will definitely go get a copy! Thanks for the disclosure. Now everyone’s excited to read. The more publicity, the better the sales!

  • Simon Leo says:

    Dear Mariam, who can we turn to, so that each & every corrupt individual can be brought to justice? The judiciary system is pretty much soiled, corrupted & driven by greed. Who do we turn to , to bring all of these individuals in the govt, past & present, to be tried, found guilty & sentenced to the most harsh of sentences? Authority is totally corrupt, the handful of individuals who want justice just don’t make the percentage needed to throw all corrupt individuals behind bars & have the key, thrown away. Who do we turn to?

  • Santhara says:

    Too long no body in authority questions the performance of the civil servants. They are given promotions based on race not on performance. So when Tommy highlights the issues all the top civil servants are up in arms. May be the previous AG Mohamed Apandi Ali should take this opportunity and write his memoirs to clear the air on 1MDB too.Will ge do it?

  • Peter says:

    People are forgotten while the elite politicians rape the country and buy popularity using race and religion. Encouraged by politicians, the Malays become complacent and ignorant, and heedlessly protect their race and religion although they gain nothing in return (especially the B40) but the idea of Malay supremacy. Naturally this comes with a lot of ego…to be corrected in the process of learning especially in work places becomes an insult to their intelligence! All they want are government contracts , land, APs, jobs in ministries and GLCs. Real work in commerce and industries become extremely difficult and difficult to compete with the others!!

  • Haloed Guru says:

    All they need is a very compliant media to carry their rhetorics and pseudo-pain and they galvanise feeble gullible minds to them. If there was no messenger around they have a hard time getting their word across.

  • Hornbill says:

    Why don’t these VVIP go out to the World n prove TT wrong

  • Tony Tibok says:

    They have a reputation to protect. TT’s book reveals the bangkai gadja no?

  • double tree says:

    Now the ostards in PAS say that corruption is acceptable in Islam. You know why? In the light of the scandal of halal certification which is involving several countries, when action is taken against the holy criminals, there will be very severed repercussions in several countries. Many holy people will lose their heads not to mention the damage to the religion across the region. So this proclamation of acceptability of corruption involving Jakim and others, is to shield or block the governments from taking action against criminality by very holy Islamic people. There is so much evidence which Sarawak Report and Asia Sentinel have provided that not to take action against the criminals is itself a blot on the integrity of the governments concerned and it’s religious governing bodies. Not to take action is worse. PAS in it’s proclamation hopes to prevent any police action against the culprits. This is a sad day for Islam and its followers, many of which, have no idea of what is going on. These are the sheep being led by heinous shepherds.

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