Was pressure put on the Penang mufti to apologise?

What sort of 15lam is being practised in Malaysia?

The bullying kind?

The one which says that might is right, just because 60% of the population is Muslim?

The tragic tale of both Loh Siew Hong and Indira Gandhi, is the sort of madness that the country is saddled with when clerics and bigots are allowed to hold the whole nation to ramson.

Everyone is afraid of speaking the truth and this is the disgusting state of affairs in Malaysia.

Trust the muftis in Malaysia to give 15lam a bad name in Malaysia.

This is what happens when you mix religion and politics. Religion and the abuse of power is used to control us and to manipulate our behaviour.

This is what happens when you have religious dolts to rule over the nation.

Just look at PAS. They are perfect examples of how NOT to run a nation. The party cannot even administer Kelantan properly, and yet it’s ministers are given free rein to make a mess of Malaysia.

Divorced single mothers know how syariah law has failed them.

Now, add to that, the trauma faced by Loh’s and Indira’s children.

Their lives are turned upside down.

Loh and Indira are two women who were betrayed by the government, by the clerics, by society and by our leaders.

Is the divorced non-Muslim woman and her children safe?

If you are non-Muslim and divorced, your former spouse may do the dirty on you by converting, and also by converting his children to the 15lamic faith.

When that is done, the religious authorities will move heaven and earth to make sure the children remain Mu5lim.

Family life is NOT sacred. Court orders are ignored. You speak to the religious dolt and he says, he follows God’s command. Really? He belongs to TR…

What is the point of forcing, coercing or tricking people into becoming Muslim?

It is the same manipulation and coercion used to make Orang Asli people to convert. There is an ulterior motive.

The muftis, like the Perlis mufti, Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, will make sure that the non-Muslim spouse’s life is hell.

Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin’s cop out is his claim that a few years ago, the state of Perlis issued a decree whereby when children are converted, only one parent’s consent is sufficient.

If each state has its own laws which are different from the nation’s the country becomes a lawless place.

Mohd Asri is a dangerous man.

Look at the sorry state of Loh Siew Hong. Her children were abducted by their druggie, unemployed father and converted so that his former wife, Loh, could not have access to the children.

The convert husband did NOT care that the divorce courts had granted her custody of the children. This man is pure evil.

His motives are not altogether pure. Did he convert because he had an Indian Muslim lover and so embraced the Mu5lim faith because of her?

Why convert the children?

Why destroy their lives?

The reason is simple. He was NOT given custody of the children and so punished the wife by converting the children. In the process, he destroyed everyone’s lives.

Meanwhile, the Penang mufti, Wan Salim Mohd Noor said that the relationship between a mother and her children is important and he hoped for the state to resolve Loh’s predicament.

A day later, he developed cold feet, and said that the children should remain Muslim.

Was he pressured into making the apology?

This is how it is in Malaysia. People are not allowed to do the right thing and do as their conscience dictates. They must follow the official line, even if the official line is damaging.

So, tell us why should Loh’s children remain Muslim?

They were illegally converted. The law was broken. For children to be converted, both the mother and father must agree to it. Loh’s children were converted whilst she was recovering from her wounds in a hospital.

Her injuries were inflicted by her convert druggie husband. A deranged individual.

What about the former husband’s other crime?

When is Loh’s druggie former husband going to be punished for cracking Loh’s skull and breaking her arms and legs?

This is assault, pure and simple. The authorities are consumed by the religious element of this scandal, that they ignored the serious crime of assult.

Loh is lucky that she recovered from her injuries. What if she hadn’t?

This is the sorry state of the country now, where 15lam has been used to destroy the national harmony between people of different faiths and the family institusion is destroyed.

No-one will ever trust the state and especially the muftis. They probably do NOT trust them but we are powerless to act against them because we have weak leaders.

So why are the guardians of the faith in each of the states silent?

Rebuilding Malaysia

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