Watch these two videos to understand MO1’s panic and why distractions have been orchestrated.

Here is video one; Jeff Sessions on criminal activity which is not bound by borders (1MDB?)

He talks about smart criminals who exploit the various jurisdictions around the world; bribing corrupt officials in one continent, having serious consequences in another part of the world. Sounds familiar?

Listen to him, especially from 4:28 to 9:28 min and at 12:29 min onwards

Sessions stressed that 1MDB was “kleptocracy at its worst“.  He challenged foreign governments to devote more resources to solving money laundering etc. He urged action and cooperation and that when results are possible when the DOJ has access to the right evidence.

He said that the DOJ would provide justice to the victims of these alleged schemes.

He added that the best evidence were simple things, like bank, aeroplane and telephone records. 

He said, “If they (evidence) are not properly shared between nations, then justice cannot be done or is delayed….It is essential we continue to improve this kind of information sharing… We must do more to expedite mutual legal assistance request… These requests ensure that prosecutors have the evidence they need, to bring a criminal to justice”.

According to him, the DOJ had increased its staffing levels and created two new units, dedicated to foreign information requests.

Refusing DOJ’s extradition requests

Sessions said, “…All of us need to do a better job at properly evaluating extradition requests.

“It is unacceptable, I think, for nations, and so many do, flatly refuse to extradite their own citizens who have committed crimes in another country. We simply have got to work on this. 

“It is not  a way to have partnerships, to give safe haven to people who have commit crimes, in our brother and sister countries…”

Now watch this second video.

Panel member, PKR’s Sivarasa Rasiah, in the forum called, “Anak Muda Cari Jho Low” mentioned many critical points (08:10 – 24:06 min)-:

  1. In parliament, Sivarasa asked if the Malaysian government had requested any information from the DOJ. 
    He was informed that the FBI had NOT told the Malaysian authorities anything about 1MDB.Malaysian rakyat money has been stolen. Surely the onus is on our gomen to request for information especially as Sessions had indicated that the importance of  “Mutual legal assistance request”.
  2.  The Singapore investigations revealed that Eric Tan and Jho Low are one and the same person. Jho Low used the alias, Eric, in his financial dealings.
  3. Singapore is allegedly doing its bare minimum to protect its reputation as a international financial and banking centre.
  4. We have sufficient laws to track down Jho Low and Riza Aziz; extradition treaties and laws to seize assets, but these men are being offered protection, allegedly by the People’s Republic of China (PRC).Jho Low has visited Thailand, Sri Lanka and other major cities, but as Sivarasa said, Jho Low likes “the fun life” and will be caught when he leaves the PRC. (Is the DOJ on Jho Low’s tail?)
  5. The bulk of 1MDB money is still in American, Swiss and Singaporean banks.
  6. The Malaysian Auditor-General told the Parliamentary Accounts Committee that he could not trace USD7 billion that is missing from 1MDB. This is money that was stolen from the rakyat.

So is the Malaysian government dragging its feet in investigating 1MDB?

Sessions insistence on cooperation with other global partners, is ignored. 

Now you know why MO1 and his inner circle are scared, and  orchestrated a prolonged assault on celebrities like Sheila Majid and others, to distract us from Sessions’ initiative, to provide justice to victims of crimes without borders, like 1MDB.

(NB The videos are from YouTube. )

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