We are paying the wages, perks & benefits for 70 ministers & their deputies, most of whom have gone quiet; but there is ONE minister, whose voice we should hear.

When JAKIM wants to look for pork DNA in chocolates, somehow, they can easily find it, even though chocolates do not contain pork products. Moreover, the milk of cows, and not pigs, are used to make chocolates.

When it comes to finding the missing attendees of the tabligh gathering, why is no-one able to locate them?

The attendees were exposed to the Coronavirus at the gathering in Sri Petaling in KL at the end of February. They will not come forward to identify themselves.

These selfish idiots risk other people’s health and lives

We first found out about the infections when one Brunei attendee was infected. He passed on the virus to five of his friends.

Incredibly, the Minister for Religious Affairs, Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri , failed to suspend Friday prayers. He opted for a shorter sermon.

Perhaps, he does not think this Coronavirus problem is serious? Why did he not consult the Ministry of Health?

He must have read about what had happened in Iran where people who defied the ban to meet at religious shrines subsequently infected others, many of whom died.

I can understand that the tabligh attendees are scared of approaching the authorities.

We can understand their fears but when some of them say that they fear God more than the virus, this is worrying. This means they do not care about the rest of us.

So, why hasn’t the Minister, Dr Zulkifli, persuaded them to report to the nearest hospital or phone the police to be escorted to the nearest hospital?

The last appeal he made, that I can source, was on Sunday 15 March, one week ago. That is not good enough. The link is here.

He should go on national television and broadcast his appeal. The Muslims will recognise his face and perhaps, be persuaded to turn themselves in.

The Minister for Religious Affairs should tell the ulamas in the nation to speak out.

If he needed the permission of Muhyiddin Yassin, to say something, then he should get it, before more people are infected or die.

Come to think of it, why has Muhyiddin failed to say anything about this tabligh scandal?

The overemphasis on religion over the past decades, has made many Malay and Muslim minds incapable of rational thought.

The Malaysian education is partly responsible for this.

Our leaders including the ulamas keep quiet, because they do NOT want to undermine the religion, but in the end, it increases people’s anger and frustration.

Our leaders want power but have no clue about responsibility.

They fear saying what the rest of us know.

Why do we have to constantly remind them of their duties and responsibilities?

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Alan ck says:

    The real ‘Gods’ are those working tirelessly in the Hospitals to save people

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    I fear our half-baked “religious” mobs more than I fear G*d!

    I am not terribly sure I believe in any “G*d”, but seeing that our “religious” are such a sad and terrifying lot of blazing primitive morons, I may need to believe in a rock or a lump of wood, after all!

  • Ragunathan says:

    After all the hoo-haa can we have a gathering ?

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