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We have thought of nothing else, but your father, for the past 10 years, Nooryana…


We can understand Nooryana Najwa’s anger and sadness when her father, the disgraced, former prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak, was arrested yesterday afternoon.  

In her outburst at the arrest, she said posted messages on instagram, “Let’s just think of him this one time when he needs us the most. You can paint a man black, but Allah knows.”

Why does Nooryana feel the need to use the pathetic Umno-Baru and PAS tactic of invoking God’s name? 

She added, “If it can happen to our leaders, it can happen to anyone of us… nevertheless we believe Allah is not sleeping.” 

Again, the use of God’s name.

Claiming that her father constantly thought of the rakyat she said, “For 42 years, he has thought of the rakyat when he wakes up from sleep until he goes to bed.” No one could be more kind, loving and gentle than Najib, she added and said, “He has more emotional and mental strength than all of us put together.

“Even in the face of adversity today, he smiled, laughed and gave us all a hug… worried more for the family than himself.”

If only Najib had used his power and position to serve the rakyat and NOT himself…

  1. Najib should have thought about his actions and God’s wrath before he stole taxpayers’ money. It is wrong to take what does not belong to him.Under his premiership, the rule of law was cast aside. The only thing that mattered to Najib was his policy of “Cash is King”. It corrupted people’s morals. His followers only recognised money. Nothing more. Nothing less. To the international community, he preached religious moderation. Back in Malaysia, he did nothing to stem the rise of religious and racial intolerance. Religion and race were mere tools which were used to divide the nation.
  2. Perhaps, Nooryana is right. Allah was NOT sleeping. Despite the re-delineation exercise to cheat the electorate, the banning of the Opposition Bersatu from using their logo, the hundreds of millions of ringgits as bribes to voters, the threats to the retired civil servants, the warnings to teachers that they would be sacked or transferred immediately if they showed support to the Opposition coalition, and the removal and defacement of Dr Mahathir’s face from campaign posters, Najib lost the election. In other words, God answered our prayers.  
  3. For over ten years, as Malaysians were aware that as the Deputy PM, Najib would become the prime minister. He did not endear himself to the rakyat. For instance, the people of Perak will remember him, for killing off democracy in Perak, when he staged the Perak coup which toppled the Pakatan Rakyat government and re-installed Umno-Baru/BN. Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir hen became the Mentri Besar. He kept silent when asked to comment on serious issues. He denied jailed Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, visits from his family during one Raya. He used PAS to create confusion amongst Muslims.
  4. Naturally, Najib was the best father to Nooryana and possibly the best grandfather to her child, the best husband to Rosmah Mansor, the best sibling to his brothers. On the other hand, Najib was also the world’s worst kleptocrat and taxpayers’ money ended up in his personal bank account.
  5. As the prime minister of Malaysia, Najib’s monthly wage was only RM23,000 or thereabouts. Nooryana’s wedding to the nephew of the Kazakhstan ruler allegedly cost several million ringgits. The cost of the flowers (used to decorate the wedding hall), which were reportedly flown in from abroad, were a few million ringgits. Unlike other brides, your bridal bouquet was allegedly made with gems which resembled flowers. All the while, Najib would tell Malaysians to tighten their belts, but he did not do as he preached.
  6. Remember car salesman A Kugan, DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock, customs officer Ahmad Sarbani, the Mongolian model Altantuya Shaarriibuu, banker Husain Najadi, private investigator Bala Subramaniam and scores of other people who met violent deaths? Their families wanted justice but received none. To some of them, Najib said that he would “leave no stone unturned”. They believed him, but soon saw through his charade.
  7. What happened to the missing people like Pastor Raymond Koh, Pastor Joshua Hilmy, Joshua’s Indonesian wife Ruth and social activist, Amri Che Mat? Najib could have ordered the former IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar to step up efforts to investigate their disappearance, but nothing positive happened. The former IGP was serving Najib, and not the public.
  8. Najib was the son of a former PM. He was a career politician. What did he know of the rakyat’s suffering? He was in a unique position to do a lot of good, if ONLY he had listened to the nation. He helped himself, and not the ordinary Malaysians. It is difficult for many ordinary folk who suffered to feel sorry for him.

    Najib travelled the world with his family on the government jet. Back home, ordinary people could not afford the bus fare for their children to go to school. He nominated his friends and cronies to look after government linked companies (GLCs) and paid them salaries which are several hundreds of thousands of ringgits each month. To the poor, he rewarded them with a annual BR1M payment of RM2,000. 
  9. Najib introduced the GST and further burdened ordinary people. Anyone who made unflattering remarks about him and his wife, were arrested, charged, fined and jailed for sedition. Whistleblowers were jailed, and given a hefty fine. Nooryana is in denial and not acknowledging the trials and tribulations of the various individuals who dared to criticise Najib.
  10. When Najib raided the nation’s coffers, he denied he had done anything wrong and yet, others were jailed, accused of stealing, denied justice, falsely arrested, and had their and their families lives threatened and ruined. Does Nooryana think Najib really cares?

Nooryana needs to come down from her ivory tower and speak to ordinary Malaysians.

Although Najib did wrong, he deserves justice and a fair trial. That is the least we owe him. 

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