Weep for your country, where a woman’s role is to be subservient

caged man_origToday, Monday 22 September 2014, it was announced that Azmin Ali will be the next Selangor MB.

No reasons were given for rejecting Wan Azizah, but the following is clear:-


  • This is a bleak day for women in Malaysia.
  • A dangerous precedent is being set in Malaysia.
  • The future of a parliamentary democracy in Malaysia is threatened.

Last April, in an article in “The AntDaily” I said that the Malay woman is at the bottom of the class rankings.

The Umnobaruputras and royalty are at the top, the ordinary Malay comes second. The Chinese and other pendatangs (Indians) are fourth class citizens, and the Malay women are at the bottom of this heap (sixth class).

Despite Wan Azizah’s endorsement by the rakyat, her professionalism and the fact that she founded a political party, when her husband was wrongly incarcerated, the palace has seen fit to reject her.

Wan Azizah was the choice of the rakyat. Her rejection by the sultan is also a rejection of the will of the rakyat.

Read these two articles and make up your mind.

1) Malay women prevented from realising their true potential

2) Time to debunk some Malaysian myths




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