Welcome to Afghanistan’s newest colony, aka Terengganu


Najib Abdul Razak’s civil service is bloated. With millions of civil servants in the civil service, job creation is a must.

Terengganu leads the civil servant movement in keeping their government employees occupied and so, escape the accusation of having “gaji buta”.

They are given highly creative and sexciting jobs; like searching for unmarried couples having a quick kiss and a cuddle, and energetic couples engaged in “horizontal exercise”.

Watching porn and tiger shows are officially banned in Malaysia. If you live on the east coast, you can go to Thailand for your bit of fun, but you need money.

Home made live shows are still available and if you join the civil service, you can watch for free.

Creative Jobs

How can jobs be created? Easy. You arrest and charge unmarried Muslim couples riding kapcais (motorcycles).

In a new drive called Operation Bonceng, the Terengganu Religious Affairs Department’s (JHEAT) chief assistant commissioner for enforcement, Nik Zulhaiza Ismail, said that the operation may be extended to arresting unmarried couples in cars.

He warned Muslim couples not to be alone in the car, in quiet places, because they will be charged under Sections 29 and 31.Section 29 can be used if enforcers see that the couple is already naked whilst Section 31 will be used, if they are caught engaged in “making out”.

Under Terengganu’s Shariah Criminal Offences Enactment (Takzir) 2001, Sections 29 and 31 covers the acts of “getting ready for sex out of wedlock” and “close proximity” respectively.


Can a woman become an official JHEAT voyeur?

Will the Terengganu Islamic authority arrest unmarried couples on super bikes, like Harley Davidsons? Does money talk?

Will an 80-year old granny being rushed to the hospital by her kindly male neighbour, be arrested?

Will a teenage girl being driven to home after tuition, by her driver, also be arrested?

What about male taxi drivers ferrying women passengers?

Why stop at cars? What if the last passenger on the bus is a woman and she is alone in the bus with the male driver, before she arrives at her stop?

Final thought

On 16 January, JHEAT arrested 26 unmarried Muslim couples for riding motorcycles together, and charged them with “acting immorally in public”.

The rakyat questions JHEAT’s Pengarah’s judgement.

Isn’t corruption a crime, where taxpayers’ money is being diverted into one person’s account?

The roots of the 1MDB scandal started off in Terengganu, under the guise of the Terengganu Investment Authoity (TIA).

Leave unmarried couples alone.

Just nab MO1.

Do something beneficial for Malaysia.

Errr…would the same ruling apply for riding camels?

Rebuilding Malaysia

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