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Multatuli says: Guys, we are famous! BBC has at last noticed us. We are now an internationally recognised DUMP.

It does not matter if the DOE said that the rubbish that is dumped on us is non-toxic. Why is rubbish dumped on us? Why are we accepting other people’s rubbish? We can’t even handle our own.

Dirty Ipoh has got dirtier!

It’s one thing to bring business to Ipoh – to create job opportunities. But surely this is just not acceptable. And who will work at these recycling plants? Surely not Malaysians. We don’t need other people’s rubbish including human ones. Sorry to say this, but we don’t need more unskilled immigrant workers who can’t get jobs in their own country.

We let foreigners blast our hills, now we let them use us as a dump. Isn’t it enough that our own people are overlogging and killing our forests – depriving the Orang Aslis of their customary land?

What’s wrong with this PH government?

The missing Ipoh Mayor

And by the way where is the mayor who allegedly went AWOL?

Do we still have a mayor? Is he still drawing pay? If we are still paying him, what is he doing? What are the councillors (lackeys of the governing parties) doing – they too are paid by the rate-payers of Ipoh.

Not one squeak from them about the dump or for that matter anything else.

Is anybody running Ipoh?

I have ranted about the MB, Ahmad Faizal Azumu and asked for his resignation, yet he seems to be immovable. He must have support from very high up – someone untouchable by the elected Aduns of the state.

A little bird told me that Azumu is immovable because he holds the balance between a PH Government and a BN/PAS Government.

So Azumu and his gang are holding Perak to ransom then. PKR, DAP and Amanah Aduns are so worried that they will lose their positions that they would rather kiss bum than do what is right.

How different is PH from Umno-Baru/BN?

So what’s the difference between this lot and the previous one?

I have news for this PH Government; carry on like that and the people of Perak will dump you at the next elections.

Do the right thing: deliver to Perakians – bring jobs, prosperity, manage Ipoh well, protect our environment, stop coming up with hare-brain schemes like space center or new airport AND be honest and transparent – no more giving contracts to  two ringgit companies – and you will be elected; whatever BN-PAS does.

Perakians have had enough of the other mob. But don’t count on that to save your skin. You don’t deliver you go too!

Now let me enjoy Raya – don’t give me any more surprises!

Can I come to the open house Faizal? Why not? It’s my money mah.

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)
By Multatuli
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  • Simi Dharam says:

    Have you checked out the Perak MB’s FB? Paris Hilton the professional socialite who earns a living using her looks pun kalah to our MB.

  • Simi Dharam says:

    Have you checked the MB’s FB page? Kalah Paris Hilton who is a professional socialite who earns a living using her looks.

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