What about arresting high ranking corrupt civil servants? Don’t focus on the small fry ‘ikan- bilis’. Get the sharks.

Is it any wonder, high tech companies and both American and PRC giants pour hundreds of millions of USDs into building their companies and factories in Indonesia and other neighbouring countries.

Our neighbours have investor-friendly policies and a zero tolerance for corruption.

The Malaysian government only pays lip service to getting rid of corruption. The world’s most infamous kleptocrat became prime minister. We gave him a free pass to rule. He has been convicted but he still roams free.

Tesla, Google, Toyota, PayPal, Microsoft, TenCent, AliBaba, Hyundai, Rakuten bypassed Malaysia.

President Jokowi may successfully convince Elon Musk to build the SpaceX rocket launch site in Indonesia.

Apart from the felon Najib Abdul Razak, and those close to him, we only read about the ikan bilis corrupt junior civil servants being caught.

How about arresting the big sharks? These are the ones who need to be jailed and made an example of so that other civil servants will learn that crime does not pay.

It took a decade to get Najib investigated. His wife, and his former inner circle, his lawyer and his other cronies allegedly siphoned taxpayers’ money for their own gain.

People like the former chairman of Tabung Haji (Pilgrimage Fund), Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem, the former FELDA Chairman, Isa Samad and others close to Najib have caused the nation much harm and upset our financial ratings.

What happened to the senior officials in the Sports Ministry who allgedly embezzled RM107 million while Khairy Jamaluddin was the minister?

What about the allegations of missing equipment and dodgy land deals in the Defence Ministry, when Hishamuddin Hussein was minister?

What is the MACC doing? What is the PDRM up to?

When are the corrupt children of senior Umno-Baru, Bersatu, PAS, MCA and MIC politicians going to be investigated?

We want sharks to be caught. We don’t want the nets to have big holes in them, through which the shark swim to escape.

We are fed-up of being thrown the ikan bilis (small fry).

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  • double tree says:

    Corruption is already in the DNA of the civil service and beyond. From the top to the bottom office boy, everyone gets a cut. In fact the income from corruption is 2 to 3 times the salary of the employee. So if you jail the top man, his replacement will be just as corrupt. In fact he is just waiting for the chance. Malays do not condemn these actions because they are all part and parcel of the corrupt system. They do not want the system to dismantle because that would mean loss of a lot of “income”. So how? The future is bleak because there is no solution to a system that has been in place for 62 years and refined into what it is today. As the civil service employs a big chunk of Malays with a sprinkling of nons, how can you make drastic changes to a mindset that is etched in stone by successive generations of Malay political elites. Ultimately, malaysia will be “colonised” again because Malays cannot manage a country that is rotten to the core and the people themselves do not want to change.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      You must be pretty racist or just fcuking racist without looking pretty.

      The biggest bunch of fcuking greedy corrupt bastard monkeys are among the politicians in gomen, not as much in the civil service and not all that much or bad among specifically “the Malays”.

      You must be only on the lookout for the Malays, the corrupt civil servants I’ve encountered are nearly all – guess who?! – it’s the fcuking Chinese, mostly ! The Chinese have organised system for very quietly and smoothly dealing with corrupt money, it looks like non of the fcuking angels are involved in underhand practices, through, usually middle men and women, again, mostly Chinese, dirty money flows nicely through the veins of the corrupt network.

      Corruption in other departments are incredible, the Chinese in, eg customs department are the ones handling the management of dirty money making sure that runs smoothly and effectively and efficiently for the bosses who are not all Chinese. The Chinese in the department look like they are the slaves and taking in the least bribes – but they are usually the worst, they screw their Malay bosses of their bigger cuts.

      In a nice area and in a nice office, an upper ranking officer can easily bite into some Rm30,000/month. The higher ups can expect around RM80,OOO.

      They Chinese that run the racket because the Malays can’t can expect to retire by age forty.The Chinese run the racket because the bribes near entirely are from the Chinese.

      The same goes for the police.

      I once encountered a police person who was promoted, but got thoroughly pissed off because the promotion was to the domestic violence section where you get hysterical women victims but no corruption money.

      I have never encountered any situation with the civil service where anyone has asked me for a backhander. I just meet slow, thick, lazy monkeys, that’s all, though some women can be rather charming. The majority are just grumpy. They don’t notice when I jump queue, and have always been rather obliging and helpful to me.

      Of course, I don’t behave like the usual kiasu Chinese out to take advantage of every one and everything but terrified they will be backside-bonked by others for money! There is the automatic perception by the Chinese that the Malays are corrupt and always want a bribe. That is patently untrue! I have to say I don’t do that, but I do know the Chinese in the civil service offer a special channel for extra efficiency. But you have to pay for the extras.

      I have to say I won’t go near the Chinese, they all look like poor saints but I’ve met many nice Malay ladies in the civil service and dated them.

      One thing I have to say if I do need to go down to the civil service offices, I am usually led to a meeting room and looked after by folks who seemingly are in charge of even more folks. Last I had to drop by, the officers brought chocolates for my kid. I was late by three years with registering my kid for birth because I was abroad. The aunties were very helpful, kind, I got the bit of paper, no problem.

      The secret is, I was nice to all “the Malays”, they set me up fast from Europe, to KL, to my hometown.

      So the simple trick is, if you are Chinese, don’t automatically assume “the Malays” are corrupt, and you need be wary and kiasu about them.

  • Steven says:

    Welcome to Malaysia, Truly Asia

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