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What about arresting high ranking corrupt civil servants? Don’t focus on the small fry ‘ikan- bilis’. Get the sharks.

Is it any wonder, high tech companies and both American and PRC giants pour hundreds of millions of USDs into building their companies and factories in Indonesia and other neighbouring countries.

Our neighbours have investor-friendly policies and a zero tolerance for corruption.

The Malaysian government only pays lip service to getting rid of corruption. The world’s most infamous kleptocrat became prime minister. We gave him a free pass to rule. He has been convicted but he still roams free.

Tesla, Google, Toyota, PayPal, Microsoft, TenCent, AliBaba, Hyundai, Rakuten bypassed Malaysia.

President Jokowi may successfully convince Elon Musk to build the SpaceX rocket launch site in Indonesia.

Apart from the felon Najib Abdul Razak, and those close to him, we only read about the ikan bilis corrupt junior civil servants being caught.

How about arresting the big sharks? These are the ones who need to be jailed and made an example of so that other civil servants will learn that crime does not pay.

It took a decade to get Najib investigated. His wife, and his former inner circle, his lawyer and his other cronies allegedly siphoned taxpayers’ money for their own gain.

People like the former chairman of Tabung Haji (Pilgrimage Fund), Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem, the former FELDA Chairman, Isa Samad and others close to Najib have caused the nation much harm and upset our financial ratings.

What happened to the senior officials in the Sports Ministry who allgedly embezzled RM107 million while Khairy Jamaluddin was the minister?

What about the allegations of missing equipment and dodgy land deals in the Defence Ministry, when Hishamuddin Hussein was minister?

What is the MACC doing? What is the PDRM up to?

When are the corrupt children of senior Umno-Baru, Bersatu, PAS, MCA and MIC politicians going to be investigated?

We want sharks to be caught. We don’t want the nets to have big holes in them, through which the shark swim to escape.

We are fed-up of being thrown the ikan bilis (small fry).

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