What do you think of Pos Malaysia’s service? Do you think the new “recruits” will enhance its service?

The article is self-explanatory. Please read the link at FMT for details.

The excerpt reads, “Pos Malaysia is offering van owners a chance to earn some money by becoming part-time agents during the movement control order (MCO) period.”

Their job is to deliver parcels and they are able to earn commissions of up to RM6,000…Applicants must be citizens above the age of 18 with a commercial van under their name, or that of their company as well as a GDL licence…”

Some questions about the service provided by Pos Laju & Pos Malaysia BEFORE the Coronavirus lockdown…

  1. Are you happy with the service provided by Pos Laju and Pos Malaysia?
  2. Have you had issues with them before?
  3. Or are you very satisfied with the delivery of your letters and parcels?
  4. Are you happy with their charges?
  5. Have you any complaints about how Pos Malaysia deals with your complaints, when things go wrong?
  6. What do you think of their counter service?
  7. Can you think of a time, when Pos Malaysia provided exemplary service?
  8. What do you think of the move for van owners to do work on behalf of Pos Malaysia?
  9. Do you think these “new” recruits, will improve Pos Malaysia’s service?
  10. How do you think Pos Malaysia can improve overall? Or, do you think Pos Malaysia does not need any improvement and you are happy with them?

Have you any other comments about Pos Malaysia?

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