What have Malaysian toilets and the state of the nation have in common?

Hole in the floor

Hole in the floor

The answer to the question is that both are in a terrible state…Most of us have an attitude problem. We are irresponsible and will not help to make both toilet and nation clean and working properly again.

We live in dangerous times. During former PM Mahathir Mohamad’s era, a “wrong” written or spoken word may result in that knock on the door in the early hours of the morning, and you are whisked away, to be jailed and charged under the ISA.

So what is new today, under Najib Abdul Razak, despite the ISA being abolished?

Najib wants to punish editors and journalists for speaking the truth. Writers have a responsibility too, but it seems that the truth hurts.

Leaders who are afraid will order that papers are punished. Lives will be affected. Mortgages, loans, studies, medical treatment, baby care could all be at risk just because someone at the top fears losing power.

So are writers cowed? No! We will not stop writing just because one tin pot dictator is quivering in his boots. We will not be silenced and we stand in solidarity with papers like The Edge Financial Weekly, The Edge Financial Daily, and Clare Rewcastle-Brown of The Sarawak Report.

What do Najib’s actions show the rest of the world? They tell us that Najib and Umno-Baru are afraid.

Throughout history, writers have used allegory, to escape punishment from the authorities, and still be able to convey their message to readers.

This story http://www.theantdaily.com/Main/Malaysia-is-a-nation-flushed-with-success
about Malaysian public toilets is an allegory about the terrible state of our nation.

Malaysia is in a mess, with the terrible stench of corruption from 1MDB, and other corruption scandals, pricking our nostrils. Our public toilets represent the terrible state of our nation.

The solution? Although both the janitor and his manager have their roles to play, we could do our bit to keep public toilets clean. We could flush the toilets, keep the floor dry, not throw any old rubbish down the toilet bowl, not climb onto the seats and break them, use the bins provided for other rubbish……

BUT we don’t do any of these things because we feel it is NOT our responsibility.

It is the same with the state of our nation – when there is an injustice, we keep quiet.

When someone has been wrongly charged, we look away.

When a girl has been raped, we say it is her fault for wearing a sleeveless top.

When a CEO runs off with the company funds, we wonder if we could one day fill his position and enjoy the perks he once enjoyed AND we forget about the wrong he did. …….

We worry about our jobs, our station in society and so we look the other way, and keep our mouths shut……

Is it any wonder that Malaysia is in a mess today. We want to use the toilet but we do not want to help keep it clean and tidy……

Najib, can be considered the manager who is in charge of the janitors who are supposed to clean the toilets…but they have gone AWOL…

Najib hit the nail on the head when he warned “the white woman” not to expose his wrongdoings…..

The irony is that we still need the “white man” to potty train us…..ahhhh the shame!

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