What is the link between the bumiputra status & the refugee crisis? The bottom line is political power, which translates to votes…and easy money for the politicians. It is also the misuse of religion (the Muslims of any nationality), to get votes so that Malays can remain in power. You tell me, who is the traitor here?

Former minister in disgraced Najib Razak’s government

If you are serious about solving the refugee/migrant problem, treat the cause, and not the symptoms. Find the politicians responsible for the influx of refugees & migrants.

The problem starts because politicians from Umno-Baru want to hold on to power.

They know the non-Malays will not vote for them, and they realise that more Malays are increasingly aware of their nefarious activities, and will not vote for them.

The solution for these corrupt politicians is to find “other” voters. Muslims preferably.

Do you remember the top politician in Umno-Baru who made the rules, whilst his brother set up the company to take care of migrant workers’ needs?

Easy money. Their agents overseas collect money to bring migrants and refugees over to Malaysia. These brothers do not care, if they come via legal or illegal means.

At the border, we have the people who facilitate the trafficking of illegal people.

The dodgy characters in the army, police, immigration officers and local council are all linked. They must have kabel ke atas….(political connections to the top). Again very easy money. And for good measure, some will undoubtedly have their sexual needs satisfied. Who knows?

Remember the illegal camp at Wang Kelian? Hundreds of unmarked graves, barbed wire fences, and wooden cages which were used to detain people, mostly Bangladeshi, Rohingya, and Myanmarese, were discovered at the Perlis border in 2015.

So what happened after the detailed investigations and the revelation that the police had actually discovered the camps months much earlier than reported?

Why was evidence destroyed?

Where are the people who were questioned? Was anyone finally prosecuted? Or is it still ongoing?

Why does it take an age, to get anything done in Malaysia?

Don’t tell me that the disgraced Perlis politician, Shahidan Kassim, whose alleged sexual molestation case fizzled out when the complainant dropped the charges, was not aware of the existence of the illegal camps?

What of the IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar at the time? Was he busy tweeting he was not aware?

Now sail across the South China Sea and tell me, who is responsible for the influx of people from southern Phillipines, who then received identity cards and today probably number in their milions and probably outnumber the original Sabahans?

What I am trying to say is this. We have had an influx of foreigners trying to enter the country and agents who are in cahoots with the politicians who charge good money to bring the foreigners in.

Once they are on Malaysian soil, do you think the politicians involved care about their needs? If they starve? Or are sent to refugee camps and languish there?

Most of the people who want to enter Malaysia, legally or illegally, are Muslim. There must be a reason for this. It is not just that their own countries are ravaged by war or conflict.

The foreigners who want to enter Malaysia must be aware that once they are on Malaysian soil, they have easy access to getting an Identity Card. Cash is king remember?

He can marry a local Malay girl to strengthen his claim to stay, and soon, he will acquire bumiputra status.

As these pseudo-Malays are hard working, they get jobs, form companies and employ more of their own people, as they know the Malays only want plum positions in GLCs and these posts are in short supply.

When they make money in Malaysia, they repatriate it to their families who remain in their homeland. No different from the Umno-Baru elites who send their illegally earned money to the Cayman Islands.

Wasn’t there a “datuk” facilitator, who is Bangladeshi-born and bred but by virtue of his close ties with the ruling Umno-Baru, brought in ship loads of Bangladeshis as workers?

So, who do you think are the ones whose treachery caused our problems? Which politicians allowed this?

How on earth did the Bangladeshi get a Datukship? People who do dodgy deals with corrupt politicians should be deported, stripped of their Datukship and his wealth distributed amongst the poor, or be given to legitimate refugees for their welfare needs, like proper sanatation, health checks, food and education.

The simple solution.

  1. Get rid of the bumiputra status because the foreign Muslims, know the game plan.

    The deal that was struck is probably this; we will vote for you, but you give us our bumiputra status.

    So, you see, the bumi status is the gateway to work, to forming companies, and perks that a non-Malay Malaysian is not entitled to because of the greed, power-hunger and stupidity of the unthinking Malay political elites and their equally daft supporters.

2. Get tough with the politicians & cronies who make money out of the refugees’ misery.

These are the people who have no conscience, no moral scruples and do not do things for the good of the nation. They only think about themselves.

Prosecute them severely, with the maximum terms of punishment, because they are traitors to fellow Malaysians and they get wealthy on human misery.

3. Sort out your border controls. The allegations of the police, army, immigration officials and local govenrment officials being involved in human trafficking and the issuance of falsified work permits to legal or illegal migrant workers is done with the collusion of politicians.

Prosecute them and then, your refugee, migrant and illegal worker problems will be reduced.

4. The bumiputra status is the key. The root of all evil. Greed. Power. Lawlessness. You name it.

Unconnected to the refugree/migrant crisis are unscrupulous non-Malays who abuse religion for reasons of their own.

Remember the Indian convert who acquired bumiputra status by converting, then kidnapping his own daughter because the courts had awarded custody to her hindu mother. Till today, he is still “protected”.

Then you have the other converts who convert their own parents on their death beds, so they can be the only beneficiary of the estate. This is because only Muslims can inherit the property of another Muslim.

What happens is that many non-Malay families have found that an evil sibling had converted their parent on the parent’s death bed and thus were entitled to none of the estate. It is alleged that all it needs is a signature or thumbprint on the conversion forms, even if the parent is unconcsious, in a coma or asleep. The thumbprint will satisfy the authorities.

That is why I say, get rid of the bumiputra status because it brings it out the worst in people.

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  • Laiheng ng says:

    The Malay government had committed a suicidal mistake.Can it be amendable?Can we update our Nation to let the foreigners leave the nation completely?The answer is yes.CARA!

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