What is the truth behind the appointment of the Perak MB?

Multatuli warns us that Perak is lurching from one comedic error to another under the MB. He also cites the G25 stand that the sultans have no power to appoint the MB.


Multatuli says: G25 has come out very clearly about the position of the sultans to appoint the Menteris Besar.

To put it bluntly; they have no power to appoint the MB. If they had it would make a mockery of our democracy – it is flawed  but not broken. We have a constitutional monarchy and that’s that. The rakyat is above  the sultans – that is our constitution.

The reality

But that is what the law says. In reality sultans have a lot of power – not power given by the law but power because many Malaysians (especially the Malays) are still feudal minded. Although the Titah (Royal Command) has no force in law; because of this feudal mentality they are often given an air of legality.

Bureaucracy bow to their requests – afraid to apply the same yardstick as they would ordinary citizens. But it is unfair to blame the sultans because it is the mentality of Malaysians to bow to titled people – notice how they scrap and bow before Datuks and Tan Sris.

The Perak Mentri Besar

The allegations and rumours surrounding the appointment of the Perak Menteri Besar goes something like this:

The first choice of PH is for Dr Nizar Jamaluddin who was a very popular MB.  But because of his role in the Perak Constitutional Crisis he was unacceptable to Kuala Kangsar.

The second choice was Dr Abdul Aziz bin Bari an academician.

Apparently he was  allegedly not acceptable to Kuala Kangsar because of his views of several controversial issues viz his observations on the prerogative of the sultan in appointing the MB in Selangor. His observations on the statement of the Sultan of Selangor on the controversial action of Muslim authorities against a Methodist Church for proselytisation also marked him out as ‘unsuitable’.

And of course he is from DAP – a “Chinese Party” even though DAP is the biggest party in PH Perak.

The MB who came in from nowhere

In the midst of both these alleged rejections by Kuala Kangsar  rose Ahmad Faizal Azumu from nowhere. After all he is from the smallest party in the PH coalition. It helps I suppose if you are the alleged snorkeling/scuba diving kaki of the big man. In this way Peja (his pet name to his pals) rose to be MB  despite his lack of qualifications (dubious claim to having a degree but since discredited) or experience.

This bears out the dictum “It’s who you know; not what you know” that matters. That’s how our country is – eat your heart out those who harbour any thought of “Malaysia Baru”.

When an MB is not chosen on merit then it is the people who suffer.

Spineless ADUNS

But I wouldn’t blame Faisal; why shouldn’t he accept the post if his fellow ADUNS are too spineless to object? Too spineless to stand up for the constitution and assert the right of the people to choose their own chief minister without interference from any quarter.

The blame lies squarely with the majority party – DAP; followed by PKR the second biggest party in the PH coalition in Perak. Is DAP the new MCA; PKR Gerakan and PPBM UMNO?

To them I say; you got us down shit creek without a paddle now get us out.

Prediction for next Perak state election

If the three recent by-election losses by PH is not enough warning; here’s my prediction for the next state election in Perak.

PH will be rejected – as it is it has a razor thin majority.  

PH will be rejected NOT because Perakians think the other mob is any better but because they are fed-up with PH:-

  • For not doing the right thing.
  • For its lack of courage to stand by its convictions.
  • For being afraid to stand up to the sultan in an area where it has the constitutional right to appoint the MB without the alleged interference of Kuala Kangsar.
  • For wasting the opportunity to make a difference.

Have you forgotten why we voted PH?

Why do you think we voted for you? More of the same?

If it is more of the same we would have stuck to UMNO-BN because they are better in messing up – they have 61 years experience.

More than all the above is the fact that under Ahmad Faizal Azumu’s leadership, Perak is lurching from one comedic error to another – brand new airport and now space centre – and none of his fellow ExCo members dare to raise an objection; unless of course they are just as hare-brained.

This time it is Azumu out! Next time it will be PH out!

Perakians deserve better.

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)
By Multatuli
Kampung Kencing Gajah

Three Malaysians – Malay, Chinese, Indian – in hot soup



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  • Wong says:

    You could be right. It is better to select the devil you know than the angel you don’t know.

  • Hang Kasturi says:

    Multatuli, you like Yin should retire to your respective quarters and remain silence. Between the both of you, it is enough to give me a heart attack with your pontification. By the way, why are you dragging the G25 into your arguments? Are you trying to confuse the issues, I know of the G7 and G20 as they always like you, suka cakap cakap saja? I think they just had a conference in Lodz, Poland and even the chief retard of United States did not bother to attend. That is because he also like cakap cakap besar via his tweets. Maybe we should lend you our excellent and brilliant Norhizam Hassan Baktee for a term or two. I am sure he can oblige as he is that good that he can juggle the balls in the air and chew gum at the same time. The only unfortunate proviso is that he is DAP, the Chinese party and font of all things evil, despite their slogan of a “Malaysian Malaysia.” But don’t tell the Taliban of Malaysia because they cannot read or write that one of their parties still used their colonial names despite us being Merdeka for over 61 years. In fact, I think their membership actually when push come to shove know that as well. They probably think ONMU is actually in our Bahasa. But nevermind. The other thing is I think you are too parochial but I can understand coming from a Kampung Kencing Gajah. Forget about KK and instead concentrate on your capital, Hopi. By the way why you mentioned about KK? What has KK got to do with the price of fish? Or for that matter appointment as MB? The only good thing I remember about KK is the MCKK. Please lah do not worry about the personality as personality politics will lead us to nowhere. How about examining policies and its usefulness and impact on the rakyat? You were wrong about the incumbent MB’s qualification. He did admit that he failed to obtain the Business degree he was pursuing at the Edith Cowan University in Perth. Alamak, I let you in on a secret, the Edith Cowan University is the worst university one can attend. Itu macam buffalo school in most states where you failed Form Three and you then have to attend these buffalo schools. This is like scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Itu pun their tak lulus pepereksaan di universiti sana. So when you are endowed with limited capabilities, the only thing you can conjure up as innovative investments are theme parks, space centers and maybe flying cars. The last bit maybe we do not let him know as he will probably come up with flying bicycles like in the wayang “Mary Poppins.” You never know as he is a widely read individual. Please let me know if you need our wonderful Inche Baktee, to lend you a hand. You can only give it a try as if he is no good, maafkan bolih hantar balik ke Melaka.

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