What would happen in a Malaysia which is inhabited only by Malays?

One most obvious interpretation implies, that the ultra-Malays will not have a convenient scapegoat in the form of the DAP, or the Chinese, or the Christians, or the communists, to blame for the nation’s ills.

We will also revert to the time of the sultanate era, when royal houses held sway over their subjects. However, the 21st Century royals would be a joint partnership of current royalty and the Umno-Baru elite, or perhaps, the Pakatan Harapan elite. We have already seen how this pact worked in recent years. How many people would be thrilled by this prospect?

No need for crystal-ball gazing

No-one need have a crystal ball to gaze into the future, to imagine what it would be like, in an all Malay Malaysia. One only has to see, and extrapolate from the conservative Muslim east coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu, to have a glimpse of what it would be like in the new Malay Utopia.

If one were a Malay woman, one would have everything to fear.

Would the new Malaysia Utopia be socially, economically, educationally, morally and religiously content, in Malay brotherhood? I doubt it.

The handful of individuals who used to control the wealth of the nation, meaning the Umno-Baru elite, their cronies and the VVIPS, will not wish to relinquish their share, nor would they want to relinquish their current economic dominance, gained not through fair play or meritocracy, but by cheating. Hell will freeze over, before they will want to share control, wealth and power.

Will the Malays who lead government-linked companies, or the proxies of powerful politicians who own companies, want to share their projects and earnings with the other 97 percent of the population? Not a chance.

Would government projects be put to open tender and be transparent? Hardly.

Ali Baba & co?

Would the Ali Baba companies that exist, be disbanded? No way.

On the plus side, teachers, shop owners, landlords and heads of NGO, would not be able to conduct any racist bullying, like banning eating in canteens during Ramadhan, or dictate that their laundrette, hostel, room-for-rent or university, cannot be used by non-Malays. There won’t be any non-Malays to bully.

Moral lessons need not be continued. English need not be prioritised. Learning of other languages would be banned.  Games lessons and dancing, like ballet, need not be encouraged for girls. Activities like boy-scouts and girl guides, may cease.

With only Malay universities attended and staffed only by Malays, standards should be expected to rise, because there is no competition between the other non-Malays to distract them. Not a hope.

Will there be open season on polygamy? Will men be able to marry whenever and whoever they like. It was difficult to strive for equality between the sexes before, but in the Malay only Malaysia, the risk that there will be no equality for women, is high.

How will women fare?

Men can possibly marry underage girls more easily because there will be very little opposition and Malay women will fear punishment for being too outspoken. The Malay man can enter a polygamous marriage, and as before, will find that he can get away with not paying child maintenance and neglect his responsibilities towards his former family, when he abandons his wife.

Why should he worry about his children’s welfare, or the breakdown of the family-unit, as the courts rarely enforce maintenance payments? The irresponsible husband will not disappear in the new Malay Utopia.  

Casinos, local breweries, duty free shops and shops which stock alcoholic beverages and non-halal food, as well as entertainment outlets, will cease to exist. The economy will probably suffer and unemployment figures may increase.

Having an all Malay Malaysia will not stop illicit sex. Will the khalwat squads continue to turn a blind eye to immoral VIPs?

No-one will celebrate or display shop decorations for Easter, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Gawai. There will be no more Gregorian New Year and Valentine’s day celebrations. Will it mean that there will be no more abandoned babies? Definitely not!.

Will the Malays fight over the plum jobs in the cushy civil service, or a job in the private sector? Will the government machinery become leaner and more efficient?

Elite Malays vs Poor Malays 

Will the Malay have a cultural tug-of-war between his Malay roots and his adopted Arabicised/Islamicised culture?

He will soon realise that 100 percent bumiputera equity, or banishing non-Malays from Malaysia, will not improve his social and economic well being. A 100 percent Malay nation-state will not uplift the lives of the rural Malays. It will create a wider gap between the rich and poor Malays.

The ill-conceived ‘social-engineering’ of a Malay Utopia would create more Malay disunity and unhappiness. Who will they be able to blame, when it happens?

Rebuilding Malaysia


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