What you eat may cause a traffic accident

Rice-rendang-and_785x442If santan was banned, would fewer Malays be involved in road traffic accidents?

If you are so much nasi kandar, would you get high from the poppy seeds?

You must take PDRM’s latest analysis on traffic accidents with a pinch of salt. To be fair, the traffic police department did say it was not scientific, but just casual inferences from in house discussions.

For instance, Malays normally consume foods which contain a lot of santan. This make them drowsy, and an accident may result.

Chinese, who do not consume much santan, do not get as drowsy as Malays and recorded fewer road accidents and traffic fatalities.

Most accidents occur between 6am and 10 am in the morning rush hour. Must be the nasi lemak breakfast!

Accidents also occur between 10 pm and 2 am. Must be the curry for dinner.

One wishes the traffic cops had mentioned about being sleepy in the morning, or tired at night, and poor visibility or low visibility before dawn and at night.

No mention was made of drink driving, or people who drive without a valid licence, the Mat Rempits, or road conditions, if it was raining.

A certain football manager who consumed vindaloo, was caught speeding. No accident. He was neither Malay nor Chinese.

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