When every Mat, Muthu and Mah, is made a Datuk, there will soon be a time, when being just ordinary Joe Public will be special.

The Datuk club is getting crowded.

What’s the point of a Datukship, and perhaps, they ought to be scrapped, especially when every Mat, Muthu and Mah, is made a Datuk.

The latest Federal Territory honours list is seen by the majority of the rakyat as a sign of a government which rewards inefficient and incompetent ministers with titles.

Not just that, alleged Umno-Baru thugs, are also given awards.

Guess who the rakyat will get angry with. No, not the newly made Datuks nor the vetters. Think!

Of late, Datuks who misbehave, and Datuks who are involved in the criminal underworld, have caused a lot of public anger.

Were police checks on the criminal records of nominees for the Datukship, less than thorough? What sort of message is being passed to the rakyat, when a known criminal prides himself on being called a Datuk?

In January, we read about the Datuk from Kelantan who was involved in domestic violence. A Datuk attacked the son of another Datuk and slapped a member of the staff of a steamboat restaurant, before he was dragged away from the restaurant by his friends. A few days later, two Datuks traded punches over a helicopter parked in a porch and yesterday a Datuk was found to have dumped construction rubble in a forest reserve. Aren’t Datuks supposed to be of exemplary character?

On 1 February, which is Federal Territory Day, 14 ministers and deputies were conferred the honorific, Datuk, Datuk Seri or Datuk Seri Utama (DSU). If you are confused with the many Datuk titles, think of it as the various types of milk. There is skimmed milk with a fat content of 01.%, semi-skimmed milk (1.8 % fat) and whole or full fat milk which has a fat content of 3.25 %.

Were any of the new Datuks or people who received the lesser awards, medical frontliners?

Frontliners should include the support staff, such as cleaners, laboratory staff and security personnel,  who risked their lives, and devoted their waking hours, to taking care of the thousands of people who had contracted Coronavirus. There are other groups of frontliners, like the bus and lorry drivers, the supermarket shelf-stockers and the vegetable farmers, without whom we would not be able to move around or who put food on our tables. Did any of them receive awards?

Other recipients of the “DSU” award in the FT list, include the Governors of Penang, Sabah and Malacca, the Pahang MB, and curiously, Ragad Kurdi, who is the wife of the Sarawak Governor, Taib Mahmud. Originally from Syria, she and her children from her previous marriage have been classified as Melanau, to the consternation of other Sarawakians who are deemed stateless, or whose foreign spouses are not accorded the same treatment as Ragad.

Most Sarawakians wonder about Ragad’s contribution to the state. How did she help to uplift the lives and well-being of the women of Sarawak? Was she aware of the latest rape of the 16-year-old in the Miri police lock-up?

Others who were conferred the Datuk title, were Umno-Baru Youth committee members, Mohd Lassim Burhan and Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtaruddin, and the Selangor Umno-Baru Youth chief, Rizam Ismail, who is also the Sungai Air Tawar assemblyman.

Do any of these names ring a bell? What is their contribution to society?

The Umno-Baru Youth exco member, Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, who is better known as Papagomo, was awarded the Darjah Kebesaran Pangkat Keempat Johan Mahkota Wilayah (JMW), which does not come with a title.

Papagomo is better known for his controversial and violent methods than he is for promoting inclusivity. His award is totally inappropriate. Only people of good character, with years of serving the public, should receive awards.

Most people are fed-up with politicians being given honorifics. The Finance minister is now a DSU. Many wonder what he has done to save small-to-medium-sized businesses from failing. Those who are self-employed, like free-lance workers are desperate for help, but what assistance have they received? Most are probably scraping the bottom of the barrel of their savings. How will they feed their families, or pay the rent, or their loans? Zafrul Aziz may have forgotten that when companies go bust, they are forced to make their employees redundant, and join the list of unemployed people.

The Education Minister, Mohd Radzi Md Jidin, has not been effective, despite having two deputies to assist him. Parents and teachers are furious with Radzi for his indecision over school opening. When he delayed the announcement that schools will not reopen in January, many parents had already bought uniforms and shoes for the start of the academic year. The young children will outgrow their clothes very quickly. Did parents spend money on uniforms and shoes for nothing? They are not happy with the quality of online teaching. Those from poorer households don’t have internet coverage, or a tablet or smartphone to access online teaching.

Children are on best behaviour when they are desperate for something from their parents.

Likewise, do Datuks do a bit of play-acting, to pretend to the vetters that they are of good character?

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  • Raja Shunmugam says:

    As always, in cases like these, rarely does a Malay contribute to the discussion. Mariam Mokhtar is such an exception!

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    With our useless gomen too incompetent at dealing with the embarrassing problem of our arseh*le kung fu datuks, it has been suggested to the gomen that a new type of award should be created for our brawling monkey datuks.

    The award is going to be called the MMA, and can be jointed to the tail end of any datukized names. With the award, any datuk would be able to climb into a ring to fight without fear of police action or public outcry.

    Most likely to cost rm350,000 per award, this can be easily recouped if the fighting datuks offer themselves like race-horses for betting for the fights. It is said Vincent Tan and Dr Monster like the idea already, but it more than likely it will be Uncle Moo and his gang that will be the beneficiaries for the MMA fights.

    For those who can handle the English language, MMA stands for Mofa Malaysian Arseh*le.

    There you go, problem solved! Not only you can deal with our arseh*le datuk turd-rate fighters, you can reap whoresome profit from selling the awards and selling bets and MMA television rights and arena seats.

    What’s more, the gomen can distract a big part of the public from its disastrous handling of covid. The public would love the gambling, and definitely the datuks fighting each other to the death.


    The gangsta datuks who thought out this blazing great idea should each get an extra datuk.

    And an honorary MMA.

    Please note members of PAS, Zakir Naik, pious, religious, and devote Muslims are prohibited from participating in the gambling part of the MMA scheme. However, benefitting from the laundered proceeds of the scheme is another story, Alhamdulilah!

  • isaloo says:

    The datuk here
    The dato there
    When we shout one
    Many will turn around
    In the public sphere
    In the forum

    The value has lost its prestige
    The Joe public will not bother
    Look around us
    What have these datuk contributed?
    We don’t even remember them

    Most of the times
    Awarded to politicians, civil servants, business people
    What have these people contributed to the nation?
    Except for the business people the rest are paid to do work
    Why need to reward them at all?

    Even Sultan of Johore had said
    “Throw a stone you will likely hit a datuk”
    The titles must be conferred on deserving people
    To gain back the prestige of receiving one
    Don’t bestow it on the politicians

  • Ramanujam says:

    Time has come to do away the award of titles by the Royalties and Governors. It has been totally abused.
    The elected representatives shouldn’t be addressed as Yang Berhormat. They have been elected to serve the Rakyat.

  • ANavamami says:

    Kudos to you MMokhtar! At least there are a handful of Malays who are prepared to call a spade a spade. Yes , every Datukship has become a joke of the Nation. Further, Non Malays are not so privileged. We have been left with only a begging bowl. .

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Very good piece about the abuse of titles, but one mustn’t forget Malaysia has a lot of arseh*les with massive inferiority complex, massive insecurity, and massive inadequacy. All these are topped with a massive fragile ego.

    A title is only a tissue-thin veneer to cover up the massive lackings of our monkeys. A tissue paper with colour will trump mere plain tissue, will go a long way for the arseh*les.

    Malaysians have no class, poor taste, and all the attributes of backward cave-dwelling tree-swinging fcuking monkeys. Those in gomen are the worst when it comes to the pecking order of the titled. Titles are for them to be “different” from “ordinary” folks, and very useful to lord it over the public. We have not just the mere “datuk”, we also have plenty of other titles just as fcuking dumb, ridiculous, and completely useless when it comes to serving the citizens.

    Our citizens have to wake up and see that the titled arseh*les have not made Malaysia a better country, fed and houses its citizens, nor to provide jobs and decent wages. Nor have titles made our titled arseh*les in gomen capable of dealing with Covid. Nor has anyone survived Covid because he’s got a title.

    Malaysians should learn our crap and ridiculous titles are not just irrelevant to our lives, but have only caused trouble, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation for our fcuking backward country. Adding titles to mostly sick retarded monkeys like those we have only shows how low-class, backward, and verily pig-stupid uncivilised the whore fcuking country is!

    Where is the greatness, glory, and pride if Malaysia is a fcuking crap nation – but filled up with so many titled aresh*les?! Where is the greatness, glory, and pride for them if those titled arseh*les strut around a country that is only a miracle of a huge pile of bollocks?!
    Malaysians should wake up and see the hollowness of the titles, and the hollowness of the retarded monkeys with our meaningless crap titles. Malaysians should stop seeing any worth in the empty titles and stop being deferential and stop being made to feel any deference toward our cheap retarded titled monkeys, we should not lose our better sense of shame and personal integrity, sink lower than the lowest in our country, those unbelievable retard clown arseh*les in gomen, and those pathetic retard clown arseh*les with those pathetic meaningless titles.

    Meanwhile, if a titled monkey wants you to address him as “datuk”, ask if his father has given him a name. I’ve done that, it’s great fun, sometimes the arseh*le has even forgotten his father had given him a name!

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