When is Pakatan Harapan going to wake up? Only three years left and they are still fumbling around in the dark. Support is waning.

Just imagine how rich and prosperous the country could be if there were no racial and religious disputes and we worked as one.

The only reason the resident of Tanjung Piai voted MCA is because PH did NOT live up to the expectations of the people who voted for them in GE14.

It has nothing to do with the rakyat desperate to have Umno-Baru/BN ruling again.

The rakyat does not expect PH to fulfil all of its manifesto promises in the five years before GE15, but more importantly, PH has failed to slay Malaysia’s three-headed monster.

This monster terrorises us. It feasts on our insecurities, saps our strength and controls our lives. Its three heads represent race, religion and corruption.

Malaysians wanted PH to slay the three-headed monster. Instead, PH fed the monster and constructed walls between Malays and non-Malays, Muslims and non-Muslims.

Malaysians have been vocal since PH won GE-14

There is no need for PH leaders to perform a post-mortem on their Tanjung Piai defeat, because Malaysians have vocalised the problems since GE14.

They saw PH MPs becoming arrogant and ignoring their responsibilities and promises to the people. PH failed to get rid of corruption, racism and religious extremism.

For each major case of corruption that the MACC investigates and prosecutes, many of us are aware of others, where smaller sums of money are involved, but it is corruption all the same.

How did the Perak MB protect Malays?

The MB of Perak, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, who took time off to canvass in Tanjung Piai made the most destructive racism rant; but claimed that he was misquoted, when he said that he was a lone soldier in his quest to defend the Malays and protect Islam.

As a former Umno-Baru youth leader, in Perak, how did Ahmad Faizal protect the Malays from the disgraced former PM, who stole RM2.6 billion of the rakyat’s money, the Tabung Haji chairman who misappropriated the hard-earned savings of Muslims, or the Felda chairman, who was busy helping himself, instead of helping poor Malay farmers.

What has the Perak MB done to help the poor Malays of Perak during his 19 months in power? His administration lacks transparency. Awards worth hundreds of millions of ringgit were given to companies, with a paid-up capital of RM2, in closed tenders. Malaysians voted PH to clean up these Umno-Baru type practices, not indulge in them.

Meritocracy and community concerns

PH failed to practice meritocracy in education, public institutions or government departments. Contracts, scholarship, halal certificates, and low-cost housing allocations are allegedly easily obtained with the right political connections. This is not what we voted for in GE14.

People want PH to save the country, but the government was busy saving an Indian national from being extradited to his homeland, where he is wanted for money-laundering and for inciting terrorism.

Instead of closing down Lynas, or forcing it to return its radioactive waste residue to Australia, MARA Corporation ignored the concerns of the residents of Gebeng. They want to process Lynas’ non-radioactive waste, for Malay farmers to use as fertiliser. Why have our academics not demanded to see the test methods, to assess the veracity of the results?

Destroy a country with an incompetent Education Minister

Malaysians demanded a major revamp of our children’s education, but the minister’s focus was on the colour of the pupils shoes, and the fact that Sarawak lacked religious teachers.

If one wanted to destroy a country, all one has to do, is to install an incompetent Minister of Education.

Foreign investors fear the rise in racial and religious tension

1MDB almost bankrupted the nation, and we need more investment. Foreign investors fear the rise of racial and religious tensions in Malaysia and instead, build factories in neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam. We lose foreign investment and jobs.

We wanted an efficient and affordable public transport system, but a minister dreamt about flying cars.

Malaysians wanted PH to help the poor, irrespective of their race or religion, but PH focused upon Malay dignity and affirmative action.

Jakim is responsible for terrorising us, with its intrusion into our private lives. Instead of reforming Jakim, or closing it down, its budget was increased.

Malaysians want PH to get rid of Umno-Baru and the brainwashing that it promotes, but prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, opened the flood-gates and allowed Umno-Baru in. Now, Bersatu is seen as Umno-Baru Mark 2.

The critics of before have gone silent

When PH politicians were in the Opposition, during disgraced Najib Abdul Razak’s tenure, many were vocal on several issues, but today, they dare not oppose or criticise Dr Mahathir.

Muslim politicians in PH dare not criticise issues which involve Malays and Islam, whilst non-Malay politicians also keep silent, for fear of being labelled anti-Malay/Muslim.

When the spat between supporters of Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali, became public, we wondered how the leaders of PKR could manage a multi-racial nation, when it could not contain its infighting.

PH must start its recovery work, now

All will not be lost if PH starts its recovery work, now. First, it should rid itself of the dead wood MPs, the paper-pushers, the seat-warmers, the yes-men, and the ones whose egos need constant massaging.

Otherwise, PH will lose badly, in GE15.

Tanjung Piai residents have warned PH.

We echo their frustrations. 

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • double tree says:

    All these so called protectors of the race and religion must be made to donate to save TH. After all it is Malays who ravaged TH, Felda etc. But no one has come forth or even proposed a fund to help save TH. Prof Kling, how do you expect non Malays to respect Malays? Maybe you should start by donating your salary to such a fund.

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